Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year…A New Resolution!!

I realize that I have not blogged in over half a year and that is really sad!! I HAVE been working on various organizing projects and couponing and reading and getting ideas for blog posts…I just haven’t been sitting down and actually posting!! However, I decided to join Bloggy Moms in the Blog Dare!! I am supposed to blog every day for a year…eesh!! They do give you a prompt for each day if you get stuck…but of course this blog is a bit different than my regular blog, so the topics won’t help much with that!! However, the main goal is to just buckle down and blog!! So, here’s to that happening!!

Today’s post really is just to introduce the fact that I am planning on blogging daily…I don’t really have an awesome post all done up or anything and it is already almost 9pm…so this blathering on that I’m doing here will have to suffice for today!! However, I am hoping that by early next week I should have the last little bit of sewing finished up and will be able to show off Bug’s room…finally completely decorated!! It was rather plain for a long while…with just a few wall decorations…but now the furniture has been rearranged, crib skirt remade to match the rest of the décor, various other bits sewn up, and curtains halfway completed. I just have to make some hanging book holders and finish up the light blocking curtain and then I’ll be ready to show it off.

I’ll also have blog posts about: other organizing projects I’ve been working on, pictures of how I’ve organized my coupons, getting planners and household notebooks set up to fit your needs, and some of my recent couponing deals. I will also be reinstating my Sunday Shoutouts starting January 9th.

Here’s to hoping that I will be able to be more consistent in the coming year with blogging!!

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