Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Routine

So yeah…the blog prompt was a couple weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting it? Bad Julie!!

Seriously, though…I do need the accountability of having my routine posted where the world wide web (should they really care to) can see what I need to be getting done each day!! So here it is!!

dress/make bed

tidy bedrooms/bathrooms

start load of laundry

make breakfast

tidy kitchen/prep dinner

switch load of laundry

make lunch

tidy kitchen/run dishwasher

feed cats/clean litterboxes


devotions/prayer time

write blog posts

fold and put away laundry

tidy main living areas

vacuum house

unload dishwasher

make dinner

tidy kitchen/prep lunches

tidy nursery

Obviously this is just the basics...I've got prob 3-4 things assigned to each day of the week to accomplish as well, plus any outside activities and grocery shopping or other errands to accomplish. Not everything ends up getting done every day, but if I try to at least get as much of my list as I can crossed off every day I don't end up drowning in housework!!

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