Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Clutter, clutter, everywhere!!

I am so tired of STUFF being everywhere!! I am such a minimalist at heart I start to feel claustrophobic when there’s too much stuff cluttering up the place. I’ve been working on minimizing all the excess stuff in our kitchen and will have some pictures to show very soon.

The laundry room is next on my “Clear it all out” list…then the master closet. I have pretty much gotten Bug’s room decorated now…though I think I want to tweak the curtains a bit…plus I need to add pics to Bug’s first year photo collage and make some hanging book holders. I will post some pics as soon as I can.

I started working through all my books recently as well…posting the ones I no longer want on (I’m Texanromaniac on there). I am then putting them into boxes and putting them into the garage. After a year whatever books are not requested will be donated to the library or sold to Half Price Books.

Anyway…really hoping to make some more progress this week so I can have some pictures to show off. I’m working on getting some more posts worked up ahead of time as well.

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