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Wordless Wednesday


Gotta have that morning cuppa (mint tea)!!

Shabby Apple Giveaway!!

No, not here on my little blog!! I ran across this giveaway over at Katherines Corner and am all over it!!

Those of you who follow my Essential Simplicity blog (which I am wanting to incorporate into this one soon) know that I am on a mission…a mission to come up with a reasonable basic capsule wardrobe…not too spartan, not too huge, and where EVERYTHING in it gets used on a regular basis!! I’m definitely not there yet, but I’m working toward it slowly but surely!!

I’ve been hearing of and perusing the Shabby Apple site off and on for a few years…and totally love the classy vintage look of their clothes. I think that people (myself included) have become too casual in our day-to-day attire. I want my new wardrobe to be clothes that I can be both comfortable in as well as look well put together. As a mommy, it is especially important not to let myself go. Wearing pajama bottoms around the house all day and ratty sweatshirts to do the shopping in definitely doesn’t cut it!! The clothes at Shabby Apple seem like just the ticket!!

So I am totally excited to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway over at Katherines Corner and I totally have my fingers crossed that one of my entries will be the winning one!! Wish me luck…and why don’t you try entering too?

antiquatedWouldn’t this be a perfect LBD (little black dress)?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

So it’s been raining here like crazy since yesterday morning and I think Bug is going stir-crazy!! I’ve already determined that though we need to stick around home today and catch up with the stuff around the house that didn’t get done over the weekend…that no matter the weather we are getting out of the house for a few hours tomorrow…prob to the museum or the playplace in NRH. Bug’s been whiny and irritable and into TOO much stuff!!

So yeah, got the house all cleaned up in time for company weekend before last and was able to keep it neat all last week…but then kinda let it slide over this past weekend…oops!! Today I bagged up trash for trash day tomorrow, put away a couple loads of laundry and got a couple more washed/dried/put away, got the kitchen whipped back into shape, and had Bug help me to tame the scattered toys!! Tomorrow I can get everything swept, vacuumed, and mopped (besides going somewhere to get the wiggles out)…and then Wednesday I can continue working on dealing with the guest closet I started clearing out and organizing on Saturday (meanwhile I’m shutting the guest room door and pretending the mess in there doesn’t exist)!!

At some point I DO need to deal with some papers and such in the office so I can get to sewing again. Brack and I have decided that we’re going to get some coordinating fabric and I’m going to make all three of us some cool and comfy yet really cute swashbuckling pirate garb!!

So looking forward to naptime!! Just about half an hour more!! Then I’ll get to rest some too before it’s time to entertain a bored little munchkin again and get dinner started!!

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