Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where to start?

How in the world do you start back at blogging again after such a long hiatus? Do you start right in with current events and just pretend you've been blogging all along? Do you do as best of a recap as possible without boring people with paragraph after paragraph? Or do you do some kind of hybrid...where you jump right back into blogging, but as various things pop up in your posts you kind of go off on short tangents to explain what the heck all of that is about?!! EESH!! I have no clue...so I will just muddle on through and try to get back in the habit of blogging as best I can.

Right now I am in the middle of planning a birthday party. Said birthday party is supposedly for both Bug AND Brack...but since Brack really doesn't care and Bug specifically requested a "Mighty Machines" birthday party...well, there ya go!! Construction themed party it is!! I've got black tablecloth and plates, orange cups and napkins, and yellow utensils. There will be balloons of yellow and black, streamers of orange and yellow, and construction books and toys scattered about. If we are lucky we will score some orange cones from our town's public works department (the only thing they will loan for a 3 year old party for fear of sharp edges...haha). Hopefully Brack will score some old blueprints and caution tape (and maybe even some orange plastic construction fencing) from his work. More details to come in a post-party post...with pics!!

Anyway, it is a bit busy around here right now, to say the least!! Gotta get the house straightened and actually CLEAN...as in scrubbing things...something this chica really is not into!! I love things neat and organized, but please don't come by for a white glove inspection!! I hate mopping, hate dusting, hate turning the broom upside down to sweep cobwebs down from random high corners!! But...it must be done before Saturday and the party!! Then Sunday evening we are hosting our missional community thing at our house...so party stuff will have to be cleared out quickly, but at least I will only have to SCRUB once...haha!!

Next week is all kinds of busy, with something every night of the week...swim lessons three evenings, informational meeting about foster adoption another evening, and a thing another evening with a guy who is gonna share practical tips about living missionally!! Then we actually get to put that into practice on Saturday as we go and pass out breakfast tacos to the homeless!! Of course, both Sunday mornings we have church...and both Sundays are Brack's weeks to run sound!! Whew!! I think when the 23rd rolls around we will sit back and take a deep breath and be thankful that all we have that week are swim lessons...haha!!

So there ya go...a brief peek into what's up at my casa at the current moment. I will attempt to try to catch up on all the events of the past FOREVER as I can...but this is what I've got tonight!!

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