Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Simplicity and Keeping it Green...

I like to think of myself as someone who wants to help keep our planet beautiful for future generations without being fanatical about it. I admit it...sometimes I just want the simplicity of grabbing an Ozarka or Fiji water at the corner gas station to quench my thirst instead of making sure to take my Sigg of filtered water with me everywhere. Sometimes I forget to carry my reuseable bags into the store when I'm buying more than I can carry out without a I end up with a few plastic bags. But all in all, I do try to do my own little part to at least TRY to keep the planet clean and healthy for a bit longer.

Here are some ways that I've thought of for cutting down on the consumption of disposable goods:

*Start using handtowels, washcloths, and napkins for cleaning things up...versus always grabbing a wad of paper towels.

*Buy a splatter cover for use when heating things in the microwave...versus covering things with paper towels (or having to clean up the spatters with paper towels after the fact!!).

*Go ahead and splurge on that Sigg bottle and then remember to fill and carry it with you...instead of always buying bottled water.

*Buy (and then remember to use) those reuseable bags for the grocery store. If you are just buying a couple things, refuse the plastic bag and just carry it out in your hands.

*If you regularly have folks over, buy some inexpensive plastic cups at Walmart or Target. When company comes over, tape a piece of masking tape on each cup and write names in Sharpie on that. It'll only take you a few extra minutes afterward to wash those cups out...but they will last you so much longer than that jumbo pack of disposable cups will...and save space in the landfill as well.

*If you think you can do it...try to get your office as paperless as possible. Use e-fax and hard drives to cut down on your use of paper. It helps the planet AND makes it easier to find stuff when you need it!!

*Use homemade cleaners with natural ingredients. You will be able to breathe easier without the chemical fumes, it's safer for the environment, and your children and pets will live healthier lives!! (I will try to post some natural cleaning recipes here in a coming post).

The next two ideas are a bit more radical and are not for everyone...but bear with I think those that can do this are to be admired!!

*Cloth diaper your babies. Modern cloth diapers are not like those our mothers used on us. The newest cloth diapers are ALMOST as convenient as disposables. Think about it, at least!!

*Feminine hygiene products. I think this takes even more fortitude than cloth diapering, truthfully. But my hat goes off to any of you girls who choose to use cloth menstrual pads and/or a Diva Cup or Keeper instead of disposable pads and tampons. I'm sure it's better for both your body and the environment.

What ideas have you come up with for "greening up your life"? Please leave a comment and let me know.


CC said...

Phew! I do almost all of these. One of my favorite things is using and reusing and reusing baby wipes instead of paper towels. You just throw them in the wash and they continue to work well!

I've tried the Diva cup and truthfully hated it. I'm glad I tried though!

thekingdomcomes said...

I am interested in what natural homemade cleaning products you make.

I've only messed around with making my own furniture polish, cleaning with bakingsoda and vinegar/lemon juice... and carpet vacuum deodorizer powder.

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