Monday, September 1, 2008

Establishing a staging area in your home...

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and so am always reading things that either inspire me to try something new...or make me grin cause it is something I've already made a habit in my life. One such thing I've read a lot about recently that is already a habit for me is having what I call a "staging area" near to the front door.

How many times have you gotten off away from home and realized that you forgot a library book or video that needed to be returned...or mail that needed to go to the post office...or donations to be dropped off at Goodwill? How many times have your kids got out the door without books or papers that they needed? If any of this has happened to you, then you need to set up a staging area in your own home.

What should be in this staging area? Well, you need some kind of surface (a table or closet shelf) that is between waist and eye level right near the outside door that you use the most. For some that would mean by the front door...for others, by the garage door. In any case, you need a designated spot to collect anything that needs to head out the door.

Use your area for any and all of the following: Library books, movie rentals, borrowed items needing to be returned, bought items that need to go back to the store, letters to mail,donations to drop off. Make sure that anytime you run across something that needs to head out that you immediately put it in the staging area...and then when you head out make sure to check your staging area to see if there is anything there that you need to deal with while out. Doing this will make getting out the door so much easier!!

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The Broken Man said...

We have one of them! Sadly it is so full that there are crinkly old letters to post from about 5 years ago at the bottom - but it's a great plan. You just have to make sure you actually take the stuff out the door with you! :)

The Broken man

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