Monday, March 27, 2006

My New Apartment And Other News...

Well, I said in my last entry that I planned on moving right away into my new efficiency apartment...but that hasn't happened yet!! First of all we had a couple of really rainy days...then when there WAS sunshine I couldn't get any guys to come help me move. Even though my roomie and I are not completely helpless females the fact that I am moving from the second floor of a walk-up to the fifth floor of another walk-up...well, there is only so much that we could do ourselves!! I am SO hoping that tomorrow will be sunshiny AND that I can get some help rounded up!!

I did manage to do a little walk-through of the place to see what things might need to be done as far as fixing it up or arranging of furniture to make it look nice AND fit all the necessary stuff into the place. I will most likely need to ask around with some of the families from church to see if there is someone who wouldn't mind letting me store my huge rubbermaid storage containers in their attic or basement...cause even if I can fit all the STUFF into the place...I have nowhere to put the empty containers!!

But anyway, it looks as if this little place will really work out well. Even though it is on the edge of the city and therefore a longer distance for friends to is right around the corner from the bus it will still work. And after discussing the sitch with the parental units and my someone I am thinking I may just stay on in the efficiency till future plans are known. It will definately save in the finances the efficiency is less than half of what the other apartment would be!!

In other family is moving back to Romania!! Yes...Mom, Dad, Beka, and Andrew will be here by the end of the second week in May. It is still up in the air as to whether Suz will be joining the fam this time she is finishing school and wanting to head off to college in Cali this fall...but I think I may have convinced her to at least come for an awesome summer adventure of camps and so forth!! Since the fam is coming and Beka will have to leave her beloved Cinders and Zoe behind with a good home...I will have someone to pass Starbucks and Hayley on to fairly soon after moving to the efficiency...which is good. I have no idea how it would be for a very long time with TWO cats in that place with me...much as I love em!!

Well, there is more news forthcoming...but I will leave that for another things are still not completely settled in that respect!! Stay tuned to my saga!!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Stuff

Wow!! Has it really been two weeks since I last updated? Lots of things have transpired in that time, however!!

Hmmm.....where to start, where to start? Well, first of all I found a new place to move to when my roommate heads back to the States. It is just an efficiency, but it is cute and fully furnished...which is awesome!! I start today to move some of my stuff over, but seeing as how the current place is paid up thru the end of the month, the moving process does not have to be hurried...which is great!! Should be quite interesting to squash myself, two half-grown cats, and the contents of my crate into that place, but it is all in how it gets arranged. Besides, in three months I am hoping to move to the apartment of another friend who is also heading back to the States in June...and that is a nice two-room apartment...fully furnished with an eat-in kitchen and large balcony (perfect for hanging my hammock out on)!!

In other of my English classes at the foundation has been cancelled...waahh!! But this may be a good thing in the end, as I will begin private tutoring and an English class at well as the girls group and the Friday Fellowships, too!!

As far as other things in my life...well, I did get my next blue box on tehC..for my now over 750 posts...for those of you who know what I am talking about!! I also have begun to talk to someone...if you know what I mean by that also!! This will be a bit difficult the distance is so much...but if God is in will all work out in the end!! Please keep me in prayer about that.

Well, that is my life at the moment...I am hoping to do a better job at this whole blogging thing...but seeing as how I was never that great at a diary or journaling, this could be a challenge!! We shall see!!

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

I Dare You!!

Have you ever been dared to do something? Nothing dangerous or anything...just silly?

About a week ago I was dared by a friend on messenger to post this photo as my avatar on Crossings...the website for former and current ATI students...which I have recently spent a LOT of time on. At first I wasn't about to...what kind of idea would the average post reader get about IS a bit of a bold picture. But, I succumbed to the dare and posted it...planning on changing the avatar back fairly quickly.

It didn't quite happen like that!! Okay, so besides the compliments I recieved from guys...always an ego booster...even some girls said it was cute. Several people said it suited my personality..something that was kinda news to me!! So anyway...after a few days I decided I liked it enough to hang onto it for a well as use it on my instant messengers!!

So anyway...sometimes it's kinda fun to go ahead and take a dare!! How's that for a silly post just so I can say I updated my blog!!

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It's funny what different people call addictions. Of course, there are the obvious ones like drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Others that are more secret such as bulimia or cutting. There are the hush-hush ones we don't talk about and which I'm not really gonna get into on here.

But then there are the ones that people don't really think about as addictions...such as a morning latte from Starbucks, or that donut you just can't go without at Sunday morning fellowship time, the regular daily or weekly phone call from a family member or close friend....stuff that while you don't really think about also an addiction...and you would miss it if you couldn't have it.

I think I have got an addiction that may cure itself soon from sheer busyness!! About a month ago I was able to join a site on the internet that is just for those who grew up using the same homeschool program as I did. It is pretty cool because we kinda know where everyone on there is coming from and I've already made a few friends from there. (Hi to any of you Crossings peeps reading this)!!

Anyway, this site has forums where people can post messages on just about any topic under the sun...and if there isn't one on the topic you can start a new one!! I will admit to feeling an urgency to check this site at least a couple times a day to see what new stuff has been posted, posting multiple posts at one sitting, and even staying up most all night a couple times to keep up with the posting...since most of the people posting are in the US!!!

This addiction will probably begin to cure itself soon, as not only will I be starting some new ministries soon, but the place I will be moving to may not have internet connections right away…and it will definitely be mostly cured come summer...when I will be away from internet connections for long periods of time!! Meanwhile I have been coming up with creative ways to catch friends on there without losing out on precious sleep…such as going to bed a bit earlier and getting up earlier…which is actually a good habit anyway!!

Anyway, these were just my thoughts on the subject…now I gotta go see what has been posted since I started writing this blog entry!! JK!!

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