Wednesday, March 8, 2006


It's funny what different people call addictions. Of course, there are the obvious ones like drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Others that are more secret such as bulimia or cutting. There are the hush-hush ones we don't talk about and which I'm not really gonna get into on here.

But then there are the ones that people don't really think about as addictions...such as a morning latte from Starbucks, or that donut you just can't go without at Sunday morning fellowship time, the regular daily or weekly phone call from a family member or close friend....stuff that while you don't really think about also an addiction...and you would miss it if you couldn't have it.

I think I have got an addiction that may cure itself soon from sheer busyness!! About a month ago I was able to join a site on the internet that is just for those who grew up using the same homeschool program as I did. It is pretty cool because we kinda know where everyone on there is coming from and I've already made a few friends from there. (Hi to any of you Crossings peeps reading this)!!

Anyway, this site has forums where people can post messages on just about any topic under the sun...and if there isn't one on the topic you can start a new one!! I will admit to feeling an urgency to check this site at least a couple times a day to see what new stuff has been posted, posting multiple posts at one sitting, and even staying up most all night a couple times to keep up with the posting...since most of the people posting are in the US!!!

This addiction will probably begin to cure itself soon, as not only will I be starting some new ministries soon, but the place I will be moving to may not have internet connections right away…and it will definitely be mostly cured come summer...when I will be away from internet connections for long periods of time!! Meanwhile I have been coming up with creative ways to catch friends on there without losing out on precious sleep…such as going to bed a bit earlier and getting up earlier…which is actually a good habit anyway!!

Anyway, these were just my thoughts on the subject…now I gotta go see what has been posted since I started writing this blog entry!! JK!!

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