Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Organizing Links

Ever since seeing the Amy's Notebook posts on momadvice.com and the Wednesday Wonderfulness posts on a friend's Xanga blog...I have liked the idea of saving links of things I like, want to try, or want to save to refer to at some point in the future.

I had starred so many things in my Google Reader and had created so many folders of saved stuff in my Bookmarks that I started trying to get it all in some semblance of order lately and I used Google Docs to do it.

What I did was to create a document in Google Docs for each folder I had in my bookmarks. Currently I've got documents labeled: Pets, Keeping the Home, Recipes and Food, Organize, Faire, Frugality & Finances, and so on...

Everytime I see something I want to be able to reference back to, I save it to one of my Bookmarks folders...then every few days I go thru the folders and transfer the link to the appropriate Google document with an accompanying bit of text explaining what it is about...then I delete the link from my bookmarks. I am also in the process of doing the same sort of sorting thru of all my starred items in Google Reader.

The beauty of saving all this on Google Docs is that I then can access this from any computer with internet access, it's got notes of explanation as to what exactly this link is about, it's organized into categories by document, and to top it all off...cause it's in Google, I can do a search on any topic and pull up exactly the links I need!!

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VDOprincess said...

Fwiw, I just use folders to sort my bookimarks (I use safari) and I have a folder on my header bar entitled "blog me!" Everytime I run across anything good while surfing, it goes in there, to be included in a weekly link dump or made into a post of its own. Its great, because there are days I NEED to blog but have no inspiration, so looking through the folder usually produces something usable.

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