Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Shoutout

Inspired by a couple of different bloggers who give link love out once a week, I am going to attempt something of that nature myself...but I will call it Sunday Shoutout so as to be a bit different. I haven't heard that term used for a theme amongst the blogs that I frequent...though I would not be surprised to find it has been used somewhere in the blogosphere as there is nothing new under the sun...but I like to think I'm at least somewhat original!!

So, as referenced in a previous post, I have been attempting to wrangle all my favorited links into some semblance of order. The following are some lovely links found in my "Keeping the Home" document. Enjoy!!

*Amy at MomAdvice gives a nice roundup of online family planners.

*Over on Momaroo, Mama Fox gives some tips for more efficient grocery shopping.

*On PaidTwice there are some handy tips to help you avoid that takeout urge.

*FlyLady gives you a rather thorough routine to follow to get things done around the house. (I simplified and personalized this in an earlier post).

*From the surprising place of a Scott brand website...a veritable smorgasboard of handy online tools.

*Finally, last but not least... SimpleMom has a handy-dandy e-book for sale to help you with that dreaded chore of "spring cleaning" matter the season.

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