Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What? Again?

What can I say? I blogged yesterday...I'm blogging again today....this is most DEFINATELY a record!!

Well...I got my housework at my nanny job done first today...so I wouldn't have to feel guilty about wasting time on the computer. Now everything is done except putting away the laundry that is drying in the dryer. WOOT!! Only problem is...with all this free time (either before I get my work done or after...it doesn't matter)...I am getting bored!!

I have already checked all three of my email accounts, checked out my MySpace and Yahoo 360 and Hi5 stuff, and looked around on tehC and tehBean already...and it is just now ALMOST noon!! I have like three hours now to kill before getting ready to pick Makena up from daycare. I COULD work on wedding stuff...but after the bridal show I am a bit burned out on all that for a few days at least.

I think I will go read for a while. The book I am currently reading is an end-times book called "The Third Millenium" and it is kinda interesting. Only problem with it is that it was written a while back and in this book the rapture happens on September 25, 1995!! I don't know about you...but it IS a bit funny reading a book in 2006 that is telling you that the rapture already happened 11 years ago!! Hehe!!

Anyway....to those of you who subscribe to my blog who also read Scum's blog...sorry!! I can't be as entertaining about housework and being bored as she can....she's just good at it!! Okay...I'm outta here!!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Woot!! I'm blogging again...

Okay, so yeah...I decided to blog again already...this COULD be a record...I don't know...I don't feel like scrolling back through my old posts to find out!!

So Brack and I went to the Dallas Bridal Show on Saturday...lots of walking around, lots of handouts, lots of people peddling all kinds of expensive junk to make wedding budgets creep up into the five digits...which Brack and I both think is nuts!! We arrived back to Brack's apartment with like three bags of fliers and catalogs...but I did get a teddy bear and some candy...which was cool. We also MIGHT have a possibility for my wedding dress...made to order the exact way I want it...WOOT!! So that was cool...tiring, though...

Yesterday...after 6 straight hours at the church (which I don't know if I will ever get used to)...we went out to celebrate Brack's b-day with Adrian, Todd and Leah, and the new Scumblats... It was a very yummy lunch with enough leftovers for dinner...yay!! Ran some of the cool ideas for the wedding by Leah...and she agreed they were cool...so I'm pumped about getting things in order for the big day!!

Well, gotta go vacuum the house, put sheets on beds, and move clothes from the washer to the dryer...and get it done quickly before picking up Makena. My employers had given me a list of things they wanted done around the house and how often they wanted it done and I had just kinda divided the chores up throughout the week. However, now that they have asked me to give them a copy of my chore list with what days I am doing what...there can be no more of goofing off one day and making up for it the next....ahh, well!!

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Friday, July 7, 2006

Final Romania Newsletter

Dear Praying Friends,

First of all, I want to thank you for all your continued prayers and support these past few months—even when I haven’t been the most faithful in keeping you up to date with what has been happening!! You are very appreciated!!

To catch you up to date on the ministries that I was involved in—my English class went very well through the end of April and I was able to get close to my students. It was a very interesting situation for me, as I had never taught people that much older than me, but it went very well. I also continued to tutor/mentor one girl from the church until the end of May. Please keep Laura in your prayers as she has just finished high school and is preparing to take the baccalaureate exam to get into college—as this is an extremely difficult exam.

The home Bible study group I was involved in continued through mid-May, when the leader left for a few months to work in Spain, but I was able to keep in touch with the youth involved in the group even after that. My Friday Fellowships continued up till the end of March...when my roommate Meg headed back to the States and I moved to an efficiency apartment, but with that also I made sure to keep in weekly contact with my regular bunch of teens.

The outreaches with Livada Orphan Care that I was involved in—in Petelea and Zau—were discontinued for a time, from the end of April, so for the last little bit I was unable to get out to the children’s homes—but up until then I was there every week and had a great time with those awesome little children!!

And just to keep you up to date with the children at Kiwi House…though I haven’t worked there since January I have kept in touch with the directors and gone to church with the house parents…so I’ve been able to find out how things are going with the children…and was also able to stop by on occasion to see them. One more little one (Cristian) was recently adopted and another little one (Emanuel) will be adopted soon. They have also welcomed another little girl (Cosmina) into the home. Viorel had his second surgery on his mouth to correct the cleft pallet and now will be able to eat and talk normally. Alina is doing GREAT and you would never recognize her as that poor little baby with so many problems…as she is walking and eating perfectly fine now. Please keep Rosa and Andrei in your prayers though, as their mother doesn’t want them to be adopted, yet doesn’t want them herself!! These precious babies deserve the chance to go to a loving home of their own—preferably in a situation that will keep the siblings together.

My parents just recently returned to Romania!! My parents, Ed and Janis Seale, are career missionaries who have served God and started churches on the mission fields of Mexico, Romania, and Peru for the past 27 years and who have now settled near the city of Cluj in Romania to begin children’s ministries and to help in the works of two other missionary couples. My youngest sister Rebekah and my youngest brother Andrew are there with them and my sister Susanna is spending the summer with them before beginning a culinary arts course in Indiana.

Well, when a single girl goes to the mission field one of two things usually occur—either she marries, or she spends her life on the field as a “single lady missionary.” Well, this single girl will be single no more by the end of this year. Of course, I never expected this to happen. Here I am, just turned thirty, with no prospects when I left for the field, and not much of a chance to meet the right guy while in Romania.

But God knows what He’s doing and brought someone perfect for me into my life. We are both from Texas, both homeschooled in the same Christian homeschool program, and both with very similar goals in our life. I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing Brack St. Clair into my life. He is on staff at his church in Keller, Texas as the media ministries coordinator. We will marry in November of this year. I have returned to the States and now have a nanny job and am beginning with plans for our wedding. Brack and I would like to thank you all so much for the love, prayers, and support you have shown me and ask for your continued prayers on our marriage…that God will bless us as we continue to serve Him.

All for Him,

Missionary No More

Well, today I send out my last newsletters...letting my supporters know I have left the field and am getting married. Kinda weird to think I'm done with all that....been a missionary kid all my life...on the field with my parents till I left for college and then planning for going myself since I finished college...and I only ended up staying on the field myself for one year!!

I guess it is kind of a bitter-sweet thing. I am SO excited that Brack and I are getting married and I hope and pray I make a good wife and hopefully (someday) a good mother. It IS a bit scary though too....uncharted territory....

Well, Brack gets back today from being gone AGAIN for a week (this time it was youth camp)....and we are gonna celebrate his B-day with Adrian, Todd & Leah, and Martin & Jess...probably Sunday afternoon. I sure missed him this week!! Tomorrow he is actually gonna go with me to a HUGE bridal show in Dallas...isn't that so sweet?

Anyway...gotta go get some things done before picking up Makena from her daycare and starting in with her on her afternoon routine. Just a few more hours till I see my guy!! YAY!!

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