Thursday, May 3, 2007

It's like I'm proud, or something...

Okay, so I finally have pics taken of our new apartment...all beautiful and everything. If you wanna see the layout, scroll down a few entries. We actually ended up with that exact floorplan, versus the mirror-image of it...cause the lady who was supposed to move out didn' we ended up with a second floor apartment on the front side of the building, instead of the third floor apartment on the back side of the building. Not so bad as far as level is concerned, it's just not as private as it could have been...ahh, well!!

I'm only gonna post a few pics of our main living space and our kitchen here...the bathroom is nice, but it's a bathroom...and the bedroom is still a work in progress....

Last night Brack and I watched "Borat". Seriously, if you have not seen this movie yet...DON'T!! It is extremely crass, it pokes fun at just about everybody, and is a horrible portrayal of people from the former communist bloc nations. The movie makes them all out to be perverse backwards people with no social skills who don't even know what a toilet frankly sickened me. The only truly funny thing for me was that this was supposed to be about people from Kazakhstan (and some of the people may very well have been speaking Kazakh or Russian)...but the woman who plays his wife was actually cussing him out in Romanian...though she wasn't saying what the subtitles were saying!!

We also had a freakish storm blow thru yesterday evening. The sky turned all greenish and the wind was howling. I tell you what, we have had a TON of rain blow through here this spring. I'm hoping that this doesn't mean we've already gotten our allottment of rain for the year and that we have a freaking hot summer ahead!! Yeah, I wanna lay out by the pool, but I don't wanna have to turn into a fish just to survive the heat!! Thank goodness it'll be much easier and cheaper to keep this apartment cool though...last summer Brack and Adrian had an electric bill for over $300 one month, yet it never got below 80 degrees in their apartment!!

Well, I guess I've run out of things to say...hehe!! Now just'll be a while till I blog again unless something comes up...I just do not have that exciting of a life. I mean, Brack and I are happy as clams in our still-fairly-newlywed world...we just do not have big exciting lives to blog about these days!! Ahh, well....maybe one day we will be living the jet-set life and have all kinds of adventures to blog about...and then the alarm will go off and we'll start another day!!

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