Monday, November 1, 2004

September--October 2004 Newsletter

Dear Praying Friends,

Well, these past two months have flown by so quickly and yet so much has happened I really don't know where to begin!!

My family returned home from Peru the first week in September. My dad was able to have another angioplasty and have two more stints put into his heart and we are praising God that he is doing much better now!! It looks as if my family will now be heading down to Mexico this coming March to work in the town of Moctezuma with missionary Bob Smith in the work there. As you may recall from my last newsletter, this is the town my church went to on a mission trip back in July--when I was privileged to work in several Vacation Bible Schools. The change of fields will work out well for my family, as my dad has no intention of retiring from missions, but he does need to be a bit closer to the US and the doctors here.

As far as my deputation goes, in September I was able to present my testimony and burden for Romania to the people of Anchor Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas. Pastor Vickery and the people of the church made my sisters and I feel very welcome. In early October I headed up to northern Indiana for a meeting at Portage Avenue Baptist Church in Portage, Indiana. I was able to not only give my testimony in the service there, but also to speak to both the teen Sunday School and the Children's Church classes. My dad was able to go with me on this quick trip up to Indiana and the church family was very welcoming to both of us.

After making a quick stop in Crockett, Texas to see my sister, her husband, and my adorable nephew, I returned to San Antonio just in time for my church's annual missions conference and school of missions. This is always a time of great messages and great fellowship. We had Pastor Gary Coleman of Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland, Texas as the keynote speaker and also heard many great testimonies from many different missionaries--including missionaries from Iraq who are going back to Iraq to start churches--such a blessing!!

Please keep me in prayer as we head into the holiday season--that I will be able to get more meetings set up between now and March and that the support will come in. I really do hope to be able to leave for the field by no later than mid-March so that I will be able to be settled in and ready for the 2005 camp season when it rolls around!!

Prayer requests:
*That I will be able to line up more meetings and that the support will come in.
*That my car will be able to keep on keeping on until I leave for the field.
*That the needed supplies will come in and that I will be able to be on the field soon.
*That people in the meetings will have their hearts stirred for missions and that people will be saved.
*That God will be glorified in all that I do!!

Thank you for all your continued prayers and support and may God bless you in all that you do!!

All for Him,

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