Tuesday, March 1, 2005

January--February 2005 Newsletter

Dear Praying Friends,

Wow, where should I begin? Much has happened since my last letter!! In January I was able to present my burden for Romania to Country Baptist Church in Lytle, TX. This is one of my parents supporting churches and I can remember visiting there many times when I was younger. The church family there was so sweet and welcoming to me and I had the added blessing of finding out just a week later that they had decided to take me on for support!! Praise the Lord!!

At the end of January I was able to be at one of my supporting churches--Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City--for their annual missions conference. I was able to take my dad and two of my sisters with me for the conference and we really enjoyed the fellowship with the church family. The conference was focused on Israel and its present situation in the Gaza Strip. Please pray for Israel and God's chosen people!!

Upon my return from the conference in Oklahoma I was able to present Romania to the people of Beautiful Gate Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX. I was a bit nervous, as this is mostly a Spanish church and my Spanish is a bit rusty, but the church family was very gracious.

Also in February, through a series of circumstances, I was able to give my testimony at two other churches--even though I was just visiting!! The people at Victory Independent Baptist Church in Somerset, TX and at Helotes Independent Baptist Church in Helotes, TX were all very welcoming to me and I greatly appreciated the opportunity to present the field I love to them!!

In February also, my family headed off to Mexico. They have settled in the town of Moctezuma, near San Luis Potosi. My dad has already started heading out to the ranchos with the other missionaries and my mom and my youngest two siblings seem to be settling right in. The migration of the Seale family to various parts of the world has begun!! Please be in prayer for my family in Mexico, as well as for my brother Steve as he heads off for Korea in May, my brother John as he heads off for basic training with the Air Force soon, and me as I head off for the mission field!!

Praise the Lord!! I now have 3/4 of my needed support and am hoping and praying that the rest comes in soon!! I am so anxious to get over to Romania before the summer camp season begins...please pray with me that I will be able to do that!! I have the money in hand for my airfare, but still need to gather the last of my supplies and come up with the shipping costs for my small crate.

Prayer requests:
*That I will be able to continue lining up meetings and that the remainder of the support will come in.
*That my poor car will keep on keeping on until I leave for the field!!
*That the needed supplies and shipping funds will come in.
*That as my family scatters out again, that we all will stay safe!!
*That I will be able to get to Romania before the summer camp season begins!!
*That people in the churches will have their hearts stirred for missions and that people will be saved.
*That God will be glorified in all that I do!!

Thank you so much for all your continued prayers and support and may God bless you in all that you do!!

All for Him,

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