Monday, August 20, 2007

It's all good...

Susanna posted on her xanga. They are fine there in Taiwan. The typhoon was I'm sure a scary thing to go through, but she and the other girls did fine. There was only one person reported dead as a result of the typhoon, but it was scary for us here stateside to hear that it was in the same town Suz was in.

We still haven't heard from Peru, but are fairly certain that all friends and family are they are situated a few hours south of the quake zone. Just pray that none of them were in the area when the quake occured, and just pray for the people of Peru in general...there were almost 600 people killed and there are thousands now without keep them in prayer.

In other news, things are going pretty well for us. I again no longer have a job...the receptionist position fell thru Friday before last...(yes, right in the middle of all the YUCK)...but the staffing place is hoping to get me placed very soon it's all good. This at least is giving me a chance to get some much-needed cleaning and organizing done around the apartment.

My sis-in-law posted some CUTE pics of the babies on her ringo account...they are just SOOO cute!! I love being an aunt and can't wait till I have some of my own babies to love on too!!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Please Pray!!

I don't know how many of you follow world news, but there was a major earthquake that hit Peru Wednesday and we are still waiting to hear if it affected anyone we know (it hit just south of several hours north of where my parents planted two churches and where my BIL and SIL's relatives are)...

Now, though...please also pray for my sister Susanna and all those who are in Taiwan with the English well as for the Taiwanese people, of course....I just found out minutes ago that there is a major typhoon and the area where my sister is located is also the frontlines for this typhoon!!

Please just pray for all the people affected by both the earthquake and the typhoon...and particularly for my sister's safety...the typhoon is expected to make landfall today...if it hasn't already.

All of this, plus the news that my brother John may get stationed in Iraq later this fall kinda puts the whole drama of this last week into perspective, doesn't it?

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Thoughts—

Okay, I hate that there has been so much drama, and I hate that it has affected me so much, and yes, I even hate that I reacted so strongly to it---cause it only seems to feed the flames…

Here’s the whole deal…broken down…

When there was the whole thing between H and LJ a while back, it did distress me a bit…I hate it when things disrupt the normal order of things and it was making the PR a not-fun place….hence my blog post along the lines of “why can’t we get along?” I didn’t attack anyone personally, and in fact was able to have a nice chat with LJ…making sure that she wasn’t feeling singled out by my blog post…and it all eventually calmed down. Whew!!

Then one of the mods had to make a big deal about the new rules…not exactly the smoothest move, since people were getting worked up way to much before they ever even saw the rules. I kept fairly quiet about it though…till I saw how all the complaining was affecting Brack…who was already stressed at work. So yeah, I blogged about it…again naming no names. It IS my blog after all and I think that of all places online that I can speak my mind, I should be allowed to do so on my own blog.

THEN, just as most of the rules uproar seemed to be dying down, the same-old, same-old H and LK thing started back up…only this time, my husband was attacked….and for something he didn’t even do. He was not the mod who was deleting posts…and FWIW, a post or two of mine were deleted too…but whatever!! Then his morals were attacked for no good reason…and THAT is when I really stepped in!! I’m sorry, but accusations of that sort are just too much!! If there is ANYTHING that makes me upset, it is when my husband or my family are attacked. And I think I was perfectly within my rights to react.

That being said, I am blogging about it this one time and then letting it drop. The one person who comes out looking the worst in the whole mess I’ve blocked, the others I am still friendly with, and I am moving on. If the mess dies out….then that would be awesome. If people insist on dragging it out and continuing on with the personal attacks, that is their business.

My guy got me thinking with his Ephesians 4 post and I really want to walk worthy as well. I’m done defending, done fighting back. I am moving on with my face forward and refusing to let anyone get to me anymore. Thanks to those who did stick up for me and Brack…we love you!! Laters!!

Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.—Hebrews 12:14-15

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

New job...ungrateful wretches...and family news...

Well, I only ended up being jobless for about a week and a half as it turns out. I'd let the staffing place know to be on the lookout for a new job for me before I even left the old one and as it turned out...I left the old job on a Thursday and interviewed for the new job the next Friday and started training for it the very next Monday!! I've been at my new job now for almost two weeks and really like it. I'm a receptionist, so basically just answering the phone and directing calls, with a few other things here and there to do. It also pays a little more than the nurse recruiting job, which is nice. The only downside is the commute...I really don't like driving in city traffic. At least my hours (7:30-4:30) mean that I can miss the worst of the rush-hour traffic, anyway!!


Now, on to the ungrateful wretches part!! I am getting fed up with the attitudes of some people on Crossings toward the moderators. I admit, I think I've probably gotten annoyed at every moderator for something at one point or another (even Brack...hehe)...but I don't go badmouthing them on the forums or accusing them of power-tripping!! I don't know the other mods work schedules or how hectic their life is right now...but just want to say that yesterday was the most stressed I've seen Brack in a long time. They had some computer issues at his office that he spent ALL day (7am-7pm) working on...barely having time to get his own estimating work done...then had to bring one of the work laptops home with him to wipe the harddrive and reinstall everything (which took all evening)...and then on top of all that had to put on his mod hat and deal with 13 pages of whiny people griping about the new rules. (FYI, the mods were already moderating basically according to those rules already...they just wanted to get them out where the general Crossings population could easily find that if there ever was a complaint about something being moderated, they could point to the rules and say that no one had the excuse of not knowing the rules). Today, my poor guy still needs to finish up the computer issues at his office, catch up on all the estimating work he didn't get done yesterday, and go to his second job this evening...on top of continuing to deal with all the Crossings crap!! Give the poor mods a break, you ungrateful little wretches!!


Family stuff...
Steve...he called me from Korea the other day...he and Syrena are doing well, he's going before the sergeant board soon, and he's working on his master's.
John...haven't talked to him lately...but Dayana has posted a few pics...they look happy and healthy...and Luke is really growing!!
Melo...another sib I haven't talked to in a while, but from what I hear, Michael has been able to visit her almost every weekend...usually taking the babies with him so they can see their mama. Hopefully she'll get a permanent assignment soon so their little family can be together again!!
Suz...Suz is in Taiwan, working as an English teacher...check out her xanga blog (SusannaKT). Isn't she a sweetie?
Beka...My other little sis Beka is at HQ...and seems to be enjoying herself as well. I miss her silliness though and want her home soon so she can come visit me!!
Andrew...My "baby" brother Andrew is looking forward to the possibility of a visit to the farm by his buddy Hartmut (our former foster brother).
Mom and Dad are doing well...adjusting from having three kids at home to suddenly just having one!!
My Grandmas...Grandma Buckner and Grandma Seale got to visit about a week ago and Mom said they really enjoyed it. They are both doing okay health-wise, considering Grandma Buckner's age (97) and Grandma Seale's health.
The St. Clair side...Brack's family is all doing well...we got to see all of them about three weeks ago in Lubbock...such a big bunch of little ones running around...5 nieces and 3 nephews...all 5 years old and under!!


That is it...I'm done blogging for today...hopefully though it'll be a bit shorter of a time between now and my next blog entry than between my last one and this one!!

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