Monday, August 20, 2007

It's all good...

Susanna posted on her xanga. They are fine there in Taiwan. The typhoon was I'm sure a scary thing to go through, but she and the other girls did fine. There was only one person reported dead as a result of the typhoon, but it was scary for us here stateside to hear that it was in the same town Suz was in.

We still haven't heard from Peru, but are fairly certain that all friends and family are they are situated a few hours south of the quake zone. Just pray that none of them were in the area when the quake occured, and just pray for the people of Peru in general...there were almost 600 people killed and there are thousands now without keep them in prayer.

In other news, things are going pretty well for us. I again no longer have a job...the receptionist position fell thru Friday before last...(yes, right in the middle of all the YUCK)...but the staffing place is hoping to get me placed very soon it's all good. This at least is giving me a chance to get some much-needed cleaning and organizing done around the apartment.

My sis-in-law posted some CUTE pics of the babies on her ringo account...they are just SOOO cute!! I love being an aunt and can't wait till I have some of my own babies to love on too!!

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