Wednesday, September 1, 2004

June--August 2004 Newsletter

Dear Praying Friends,

Much has happened in these past three months. I have been keeping busy! The summer has rushed by so quickly! I was able to spend some time sorting through 28 years worth of accumulated belongings--deciding what to store, what to get rid of, and what to take to Romania. This helps me know what all is still needed for Romania. I also spent some time contacting pastors for meetings and investigating airfare and shipping costs. My pastor is also keeping me busy at the church...helping to keep it clean and going out on visitation, among other things!!

In July I went with a group of people from my church, along with people from two other churches, on a mission trip to Mexico. We based ourselves out of Moctezuma, Mexico and from there we went out into the pueblos to conduct Vacation Bible Schools. It was so exciting to see the children singing along to the choruses they were taught and reciting their memory verses. It was also great to see them get excited about their craft projects and to watch them as they swarmed around my pastor for Kool-Aid and cookies!! One day we went into San Luis Potosi and passed out literally thousands of tracts. That same evening we went into another pueblo and were able to show a Christian film in the open air to a large crowd of people. It was a great trip with several salvations and at least two people from our group surrendered to missions on their return home. It was an especially interesting trip for me as I hadn't really been back to Mexico since being a missionary kid there (and my family left Mexico in 1989)!!

In July I also had a meeting at Grace Baptist Church in Alice, Texas. This is one of my parents supporting churches. It is a small church, but the church family made me feel very welcome. I spoke to the children's class during the Sunday School hour and was then able to give a report on my parent's ministry in Peru as well as present my burden for Romania during the morning service.

My vehicle still is not in running condition. My home church has loaned me the use of an old suburban for getting around San Antonio with, but please pray for this situation, as I will be heading back out on the road soon.

I would really ask for your prayers for my dad. He has been in the ministry for almost 30 years, as a missionary in the countries of Mexico, Romania, and Peru, but is now having health problems so bad that my family is having to return from the field this September. His heart is enlarged and his blood pressure is dangerously high. He has had heart problems before, but never this bad. Please keep him in your prayers.

I head back out on the road in mid-September to visit more churches. I would ask that you pray for safety traveling, and that the support would come in. Praise the Lord that I am already at 2/3 ($650) of my support right now...and I just started deputation in September of last year. If it is the Lord's will I truly hope to be on the field by early March of next year.

Prayer requests:
*That my dad's health will improve.
*That I will be able to line up more meetings and that the support will come in.
*That my vehicle problems will be resolved and that I will have safety traveling alone.
*That the needed supplies will come in and that I will be able to be on the field by next March.
*That people in the meetings will have their hearts stirred for missions and that people will be saved.
*That God will be glorified in all that I do!!

Thank you for all your continued prayers and support and may God bless you in all that you do!!

All for Him,

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