Thursday, November 9, 2006

We's married!!

I realize it has been a while since I last blogged...but I think I have a decently good excuse!!

The wedding was beautiful...and very short!! I was joking with Brack that once the video was converted to digital format we could even download it onto youtube for everyone who didn't make the wedding to's short enough!!

Kates~* did an awesome job on pics (and I haven't even seen the ones she is playing around with...only the ones straight off the camera!!). Sarah H. got some great shots as well. I really wanna thank Jess, Danielle, Liz, and Leah for helping me out and calming me down when I got stressed...ya'll are the greatest!! My sisters (Melody, Susie, Beka), sis-in-law Dayana, and my cousin Amanda were gorgeous bridesmaids, the flower girls were absolute dolls, and the guys all looked GQ!! It was great!!

We are back now and settled in at home...still enjoying our "honeymoon" status...since Brack doesn't head back to work until Monday...and then I start looking for a job. Right now Brack is having a blast playing his Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy game on his XBox (my wedding gift to him)...and later he is gonna help me load songs onto my new mp3 player (his wedding gift to me)!!

Married life is so fun!! And I'm not just talking about the smooching and such!! We have had so much fun the last few days...even while just reading to each other or playing board games or watching TV!! It is such a blast and I highly recommend married life to those of you still single out there!!

Anyway, I'll quit making you gag with my loving descriptions of my wonderful husband and our wonderful married life now!! Carry on!!

Currently Listening To: The sounds of Brack's Star Wars XBox game!!

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