Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Letter to my Angel

My dear sweet angel Paisley,

I just want you to know that even though I never got to see your sweet face that your Mama and Papa love you so very much and cannot wait to see you in Heaven someday!!

Mama and Papa were so excited to find out this summer that you were coming to be with us ...and your big brother Edmund, though he barely understood exactly what was going on, was pretty excited too.

Mama really wanted to surprise Papa on his birthday with the news of you, but she wasn’t positive that you were really coming so she had to wait a few more days!! Once she knew that you were really on your way to us Mama put a plan into action and wrote “Big Brother” in sharpie on a t-shirt for Edmund and had him run to Papa wearing the shirt and holding the positive pregnancy test. Papa was SO surprised!!

We started moving furniture around and talking about how we were going to fix up Edmund’s baby room for you and move him to a “big boy” room. Mama was just about to get Papa to climb up in the attic and pull out her maternity clothes and Edmund’s tiny baby clothes to see what we had and what we might need for you.

Mama’s belly started to grow a little bit and she wasn’t feeling too great, but she was so excited and looking forward to meeting you. You see, as you now know, you have a slightly older sibling in heaven with you. We lost our Riley very early in February. Mama only knew Riley was coming for less than two days before Riley slipped away to Heaven. So we were especially excited to know that you were coming to be with us.

Unfortunately, God knew better than us and knew that your place wasn’t here on earth...but up in heaven with Him and with Riley and with your cousins who we never got to meet as well.

You slipped away from us sometime between eight weeks and nine weeks. We saw your heartbeat when you were exactly eight weeks along and you were gone by nine weeks. It’s been so very hard and we’ve missed you so very much!! We know that God knows more than we do and that he had a reason for taking you home to him, but we still miss you and love you so very much!!

You would be sixteen weeks along today...

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