Monday, March 1, 2004

January--February 2004 Newsletter

Dear Praying Friends,

Though I began visiting churches in September of 2003, I did not begin full-force on deputation until January of this year. This will be my first official prayer letter. I will be mailing out a prayer letter every two months, but for those churches who have email I will be able to also send out a bi-weekly email update. Please be sure to email me if you would like the email updates.

Since starting deputation I have had the privilege of being in five missions conferences and one other meeting. My first conference was at Western Hills Baptist Church in Victoria, TX. It is a small church with a big heart for missions. While there I was blessed when a young teenage girl went forward and surrendered to be a missionary to Romania! Since then I've been able to become a sort of mentor to her--sending her Romanian language tapes and encouraging emails and receiving an abundance of letters in return! Please be in prayer for Maggie Kline--that the Lord may work through her in a mighty way!

I was able to be in three other conferences in late October. My home church of Town East Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX works in conjunction with several other Independent Baptist churches in the San Antonio area to have their conferences at the same time. In that way they can share their missionaries around between the churches. The two churches that I was in during that conference time, besides my home church, were Faith Bible Church in San Antonio, TX and New Life Baptist Church in Converse, TX. All three churches were very welcoming and the missions school classes and missions messages were a real blessing.

The next conference I was in was during the last week of January at Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK. I really enjoyed my time at this conference--getting to know many different missionaries and a lot of the church members. I was able to speak to three Christian school classes and a Sunday School class, besides giving my testimony. I received such a blessing from being there, as the members saw to my every need and just loved on me! I also had the added blessing of being taken on for support by this church that has a great heart for missions and missionaries!

Since the conference I have been able to stay in missionary housing at a place called Shepherd's Bethel in southern Indiana. It is a place for Independent Baptist missionaries to stay while on deputation or furlough. While here at Shepherd's Bethel I have been able to spend more time on contacting pastors to line up meetings and on preparing my presentation. I have also been able to be in one meeting during this time. I was able to give my testimony at Grace Baptist Temple in Bloomington, IN, and to speak to their ladies class and Children's Church.

I am hoping to line up a few more meetings within a day's drive of Shepherd's Bethel between now and the end of April. At that time I will be heading back down to Texas to report back to my home church and to be near my little sister and her husband when their first child (my first nephew) is born! Then I will be heading out to churches once again!

Prayer requests:
*That I will be able to get as many meetings as possible lined up for this year.
*That people in the meetings will have their hearts stirred for missions and that people will be saved.
*That I will be able to come up with a presentation, as my slide projector has recently bit the dust!
*That my vehicle will keep on keeping on and won't develop any major mechanical problems.
*That I will have safety traveling alone (in the aforementioned vehicle)!
*That the support will come in--I am at 50% of my needed support at this time.
*That I will be able to meet my goal of being on the field by March 2005.
*That God will be glorified in everything I do!!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support and may God bless you in all that you do!!

All for Him,

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