Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blah, Blah, Blah!!

Hey...yeah...updating my blog...will wonders never cease!! So anyway, hmm....Brack is back from choir tour and we hung out most of the weekend...when he wasn't having to run sound for a wedding rehearsal and wedding and meeting with someone for some contracting work!! Sunday we went out to eat with David and Jess after church and we girls had some fun picking on the guys about their "collections"!!

After that we went swimming for like three hours and got completely water-logged!! I got water up my nose and accidentally swallowed some of the chlorinated for the last three days I have had a slight sore throat and sinus issues...but so has Brack and you know how misery loves company!!

We are such an exciting couple...seriously...the last three nights he has been working on some independent contracting stuff on his laptop while I read or watch TV or work on wedding makes you wonder why in the world he even bothers to come pick me up every day after work just to sit together in the same room for a few hours and then turn around and take me home...except for the fact that we both just love to spend time together...even while doing our own things!!

Well, here it is, a quarter to twelve and I still have bathrooms to clean and floors to vacuum...and Brack is coming by sometime this afternoon to take me to the post office, cause I gotta mail a package off. Then about 3:30 I have to go pick Makena up from daycare and then it is playtime, and dinner for her, and the last minute straightening before her parents get home. And I think Brack and I are gonna have another exciting evening hanging out on the couch once again while he finishes up the project he is working on...and maybe watching a few more episodes of "Scrubs"....which he is trying to get me addicted to!!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006


My entry for today is Meh. Why? You ask?

Meh....cause I miss my guy...who will be out on choir tour till tomorrow evening and it already been five days since I saw him last.

Meh...cause my eyes are achy...which means I have to wear my glasses...which I hate!! Meh....cause I have a headache....what is it with summer headaches?

To tell you the isn't all employers just bought a minivan so that there are now three vehicles...which means I will have a vehicle to drive. I seriously thought that they would have me drive the minivan...which wasn't a big deal to me. Any of you who were in ATI know it isn't any big thing for your first driving experience to be a 15-passenger van. And hey, anything beats driving my old beater of a station wagon with no A/C around in this over 100 degree weather!! But they actually have decided that my main vehicle to drive will be the car....which is a Lexus!! Not a bad way to get back in the groove of driving, let me tell you!! It drives really smooth...and the air conditioning is SUCH an awesome thing!! So yeah, it's not all meh...but now I have to go take some Excedrine for my head....meh!!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's Been A While!!

Wow....much has happened since I last blogged!! I am now in the States once again...working as a nanny right down the road from my fiance!! I arrived back in the US on June 6th and have been pretty busy since. give you a general overview of just what I have been up to.....

We have registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond....still need to finish our other registries, though. We have found our honeymoon spot....awesome!! We have found our church...a little country church. I have got the perfect nanny job....very convenient and very flexible.

We also had the chance to go to the wedding of some friends...teh scumblat wedding in Longview. This was pretty cool as we got to spend some time hanging out with David (an old buddy of Brack's) and his wife Danielle and their kids on the way there. Then, during the wedding weekend I was able to meet so many cool people I had only known online before....Kates, Marks, Liz, Kat, Lora, David and Tiffany, etc. etc.

We had Mexican food on Friday night after the rehearsal and then went and saw a really goofy movie called "Nacho Libre". Then, after getting back to the hotel we girls (and Brack) went to the pool area and hung out till we got chased out....then we girls stayed up talking into the wee hours of the morning!!

Saturday was the wedding and it was beautiful and short!! It was actually pretty funny though cause David had said they weren't gonna stick around long after it was over...but we were all waiting on he and Jess at the last. After the wedding a bunch of us went to Texas Roadhouse to eat and throw peanuts...there was quite the peanut war going on!! Then Brack had to take off to meet up with the youth choir tour...but I went with a bunch of people to go bowling...quite fun...and I even got a strike...though my final score wasn't that impressive!! But it was fun....

Several of us then went on to Starbucks to get some caffeine and watch the night life of Longview...what there was of it!! Then it was time to head out back to the metroplex area...Slept in on Sunday and then went with Liz, David and Tiffany, and Adrian out to eat before moving in at my new nanny job. We ate at a nicer Italian place...but the crazy waitress didn't have a CLUE!! It was funny in a way...but still....

I got settled in here at my new nanny job and all is fact, it is a bit quiet...not a huge amount of stuff to do when Makena is in will get busy I am sure though...once the couple's new baby comes along in the fall!! Even with it being so quiet and stress-free though...I probably need to quit blogging and get the vacuuming done!! It is always a good thing when you get the things done that your employer asks of you, right?!! Anyway...sorry it's been a while...I will (hopefully) keep up my blog better now!!

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