Thursday, June 22, 2006


My entry for today is Meh. Why? You ask?

Meh....cause I miss my guy...who will be out on choir tour till tomorrow evening and it already been five days since I saw him last.

Meh...cause my eyes are achy...which means I have to wear my glasses...which I hate!! Meh....cause I have a headache....what is it with summer headaches?

To tell you the isn't all employers just bought a minivan so that there are now three vehicles...which means I will have a vehicle to drive. I seriously thought that they would have me drive the minivan...which wasn't a big deal to me. Any of you who were in ATI know it isn't any big thing for your first driving experience to be a 15-passenger van. And hey, anything beats driving my old beater of a station wagon with no A/C around in this over 100 degree weather!! But they actually have decided that my main vehicle to drive will be the car....which is a Lexus!! Not a bad way to get back in the groove of driving, let me tell you!! It drives really smooth...and the air conditioning is SUCH an awesome thing!! So yeah, it's not all meh...but now I have to go take some Excedrine for my head....meh!!

Currently Listening To: You're The One That I Want from Grease soundtrack

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