Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What? Again?

What can I say? I blogged yesterday...I'm blogging again today....this is most DEFINATELY a record!!

Well...I got my housework at my nanny job done first today...so I wouldn't have to feel guilty about wasting time on the computer. Now everything is done except putting away the laundry that is drying in the dryer. WOOT!! Only problem is...with all this free time (either before I get my work done or after...it doesn't matter)...I am getting bored!!

I have already checked all three of my email accounts, checked out my MySpace and Yahoo 360 and Hi5 stuff, and looked around on tehC and tehBean already...and it is just now ALMOST noon!! I have like three hours now to kill before getting ready to pick Makena up from daycare. I COULD work on wedding stuff...but after the bridal show I am a bit burned out on all that for a few days at least.

I think I will go read for a while. The book I am currently reading is an end-times book called "The Third Millenium" and it is kinda interesting. Only problem with it is that it was written a while back and in this book the rapture happens on September 25, 1995!! I don't know about you...but it IS a bit funny reading a book in 2006 that is telling you that the rapture already happened 11 years ago!! Hehe!!

Anyway....to those of you who subscribe to my blog who also read Scum's blog...sorry!! I can't be as entertaining about housework and being bored as she can....she's just good at it!! Okay...I'm outta here!!

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