Sunday, August 6, 2006


WOOT!! Well, this week's goal was deciding about a dress. So I went to this dressmaker on Thursday...she does awesome work...I had seen her fashion show at the Dallas Bridal Show last month.

What she told me is that she could do a very simple medieval style dress WITH the sheer long sleeves like I wanted but WITHOUT the lacing in the back like I wanted...out of a softly draping fabric that was reversible (I could either go with the silky shiny side, or the soft crepe-type side) and she would trim the bodice and the sleeves with some lace from the Phillipines. The price she quoted to me for the custom-made dress, with two pressings and the bustling...was $389 plus tax. Sounds awesome, right?

But I still wanted to explore my Brack and I hooked up with the new Scumblats yesterday so that Jess and I could check out more dresses while the guys hung out. The list of places to check out were Alfred Angelo, David's Bridal, and Group USA. So anyway, at Alfred Angelo I tried on two dresses just for fun (the moms would def not approve of them--one was strappy and one was strapless--but I thought they were cute). The third dress I tried on was GORGEOUS!!! It was not white, but rather what they called "candlelight"...and it was WOWOWOW!! Jess and I both agreed out of all the dresses we saw yesterday....that was the most gorgeous (see pic above--the dress above is white, though)!!Unfortunately...the price was not so "gorgeous" was $869!!

So then we headed over to David's Bridal. We found several possibilities and I wanted to try them on...but their customer service left something to be desired!! Finally they let me have a room. First dress...strapless, but with a lace "coat"-type thing that has a train...also gorgeous...also expensive at $649!! I followed that one up with a couple of nice ones that were on sale...but they didn't just scream out to I moved on.

The next one, I have to admit...when I first looked at didn't just stand out to me as spectacular...then I put it on, added a tiara and a veil...and VOILA...a princess was looking back at me in the mirror!! Seriously, I have felt conflicted about the whole wedding thing. I think secretly every girl wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day and I am no exception...but I detest frou-frou and floof!! This dress however was perfect...enough to make me feel like a princess without feeling like I am drowning in floof!!

I went ahead then and tried on the last one...which was very similar to the one that the dressmaker could make for me...and it was nice, but didn't have the same oomph as the previous dress...besides the fact that the wedding is in three months and they didn't have it in my size!!

So I decided that I really didn't care to look any further and to go with the dress that made me feel like a princess!! The dress was originally priced at $699, but had been marked down to $199...then the girl came back and said it was on sale for even was one of the ones on sale for $99!! Then when we got up to the register it rang up as $99 exactly...I had forgotten that it is tax-free weekend here!!

So now I have my dress!! It will need some hemming...but my mom can do that...she did my sis-in-law's dress hem the night before the wedding (when the dressmaker had goofed the hem length). I will also still have to pay for the bustling and pressing...but at $99 for the dress...I can afford to pay a little for those things!!

Another WOOT---this one from last week...

We decided before trying to order invites out of a catalog and hoping that the printers would get everything right and back to us really quickly...I mean...those invites need to go out in like a month...that we would check out making our own.

So we headed to Michael's and started looking at craft paper and trying to figure out how exactly were we gonna do this. Brack headed off down another aisle and I (being the talkative, outgoing person that I am) struck up a convo with a girl who was picking out some scrapbooking stuff. I told her that we are gonna try to make our own invites and such and she told me what she had done for her wedding...then she headed on around the corner. Later, when Brack and I were still trying to figure out how we are gonna do the invites, she came back and told us they have kits for printing up your own invites...with response cards and envelopes and such...a few aisles over!! make a long story short...we got 100 blank invites...that ended up being on sale...for like $40!! AND we found matching blank programs too!! How awesome is that?

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