Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dancing kids, country music, and so on...

Well, Peter and Sheryl were out of town last week for most of the week...so Sheryl's mom came in and we took care of Makena together.

Makena now has five copies of that crazy t-shirt and she wore them ALL last week!! She also came down with an ear infection and the croup while her parents were out of town and so she stayed home with me and her grandma a couple of days last week and two days with me so far this week...and more than likely will stay home tomorrow too!!

Well, even though Peter and Sheryl are not fans of country music...they may end up with a daughter who is...if she sticks around me too much longer!! Makena LOVES to get down to country music ( I will have to see about posting a video on here of her getting down one of these days)...and has even hollered "yee-haw" a few times in the car....hehehe!! I may start playing some of my WOW cd's too...just for some variety...and cause my former nanny charges (Sera and Skye) loved to listen to them so much in the car back in the day!! They would specifically request..."play the spinning around song" or "play the yeah-yeah song"!! Hehehe!!

Well, last weekend we started addressing envelopes...and this weekend we hope to get the invitations printed. Brack thinks I am the coolest fiancee for letting him "evite" a bunch of friends from tehC...instead of sending them traditional mailed invitations. However, I said that family, the wedding party, and anybody who would consider evites tacky should get a regular invitation. So anyway, we are sending both invitations and evites off by the beginning of next week at the latest...yay!! We also went shopping for the attendants gifts and I am proud to say that I have MY attendants gifts bought...at least!!

Good news...the majority of the things I had to leave behind in Romania is coming!!! YAY!! My fam was supposed to bring it in the fall when they came for the wedding...but now that they are moving back themselves there didn't seem to be any way for the stuff to make it back...which was both annoying and disappointing...as that stuff accounts for about a third of my worldly belongings...one third being in storage in East Texas...the other third being either at my live-in job or over at Brack's apartment!! Well, now it seems that most of it WILL be making it's way back to me by way of other missionaries...with the exception of my sewing machine (the loss of which is a bit disappointing...but, oh well)!!

Anyway...I decided that my blog NEEDED updating...so this is it...

I will come back later to fill out the survey that has been making the rounds...gotta go "steal" it from one of the girls!!

Meanwhile...I am listening to Gretchen Wilson. Those of you who pick on me for listening to her...you be nice!!

Currently Listening To: Here For The Party by Gretchen Wilson

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