Friday, July 7, 2006

Missionary No More

Well, today I send out my last newsletters...letting my supporters know I have left the field and am getting married. Kinda weird to think I'm done with all that....been a missionary kid all my life...on the field with my parents till I left for college and then planning for going myself since I finished college...and I only ended up staying on the field myself for one year!!

I guess it is kind of a bitter-sweet thing. I am SO excited that Brack and I are getting married and I hope and pray I make a good wife and hopefully (someday) a good mother. It IS a bit scary though too....uncharted territory....

Well, Brack gets back today from being gone AGAIN for a week (this time it was youth camp)....and we are gonna celebrate his B-day with Adrian, Todd & Leah, and Martin & Jess...probably Sunday afternoon. I sure missed him this week!! Tomorrow he is actually gonna go with me to a HUGE bridal show in Dallas...isn't that so sweet?

Anyway...gotta go get some things done before picking up Makena from her daycare and starting in with her on her afternoon routine. Just a few more hours till I see my guy!! YAY!!

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