Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Old Fashioned Skills become new again...

As things change for Americans in regards to the economy...and we tighten our belts...it seems that some of the old skills that our grandparents knew and used daily as a normal part of life are coming into vogue again. Haven't you noticed how knitting, sewing, gardening, cooking, canning, etc. have all had a bit of a resurgence lately? It's almost the "thing" now to wear an apron and be a housewife!!

I found a very cool blog post from a while back that dealt with a lot of these practical skills...why they were dying out and why there is now a bit of a resurgence...and gives helpful links to those interested in keeping these skills alive. The blog where I found it is called simplemom.net and here is the link to that post.

I have to say that though I enjoy getting into the kitchen occasionally and trying out new recipes, I am not too skilled at cooking. I can sew up simple things without a pattern and somewhat complicated things with a pattern, but I'm no seamstress. I have a black thumb when it comes to keeping plants alive. Yet I am very interested in being a thrifty, crafty homemaker and am constantly trying to improve my skills. What sorts of old-fashioned skills do you enjoy?

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MJ Moore said...

There are lots of things that my mom taught me, that I hardly ever do- if you hand me a fleece straight off a sheep's back, eventually I can produce a sweater. It just takes a really long time!

I wish I was better at gardening. I like gardens, and my husband tells me it's easier to imagine a big garden than to maintain a small one (which is where it breaks down for me...)

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