Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Stuff

Wow!! Has it really been two weeks since I last updated? Lots of things have transpired in that time, however!!

Hmmm.....where to start, where to start? Well, first of all I found a new place to move to when my roommate heads back to the States. It is just an efficiency, but it is cute and fully furnished...which is awesome!! I start today to move some of my stuff over, but seeing as how the current place is paid up thru the end of the month, the moving process does not have to be hurried...which is great!! Should be quite interesting to squash myself, two half-grown cats, and the contents of my crate into that place, but it is all in how it gets arranged. Besides, in three months I am hoping to move to the apartment of another friend who is also heading back to the States in June...and that is a nice two-room apartment...fully furnished with an eat-in kitchen and large balcony (perfect for hanging my hammock out on)!!

In other of my English classes at the foundation has been cancelled...waahh!! But this may be a good thing in the end, as I will begin private tutoring and an English class at well as the girls group and the Friday Fellowships, too!!

As far as other things in my life...well, I did get my next blue box on tehC..for my now over 750 posts...for those of you who know what I am talking about!! I also have begun to talk to someone...if you know what I mean by that also!! This will be a bit difficult the distance is so much...but if God is in will all work out in the end!! Please keep me in prayer about that.

Well, that is my life at the moment...I am hoping to do a better job at this whole blogging thing...but seeing as how I was never that great at a diary or journaling, this could be a challenge!! We shall see!!

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