Wednesday, March 8, 2006

I Dare You!!

Have you ever been dared to do something? Nothing dangerous or anything...just silly?

About a week ago I was dared by a friend on messenger to post this photo as my avatar on Crossings...the website for former and current ATI students...which I have recently spent a LOT of time on. At first I wasn't about to...what kind of idea would the average post reader get about IS a bit of a bold picture. But, I succumbed to the dare and posted it...planning on changing the avatar back fairly quickly.

It didn't quite happen like that!! Okay, so besides the compliments I recieved from guys...always an ego booster...even some girls said it was cute. Several people said it suited my personality..something that was kinda news to me!! So anyway...after a few days I decided I liked it enough to hang onto it for a well as use it on my instant messengers!!

So anyway...sometimes it's kinda fun to go ahead and take a dare!! How's that for a silly post just so I can say I updated my blog!!

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