Monday, January 3, 2011

Mommy Confessions…

So the blog prompt today was to post my morning routine...what I need to do in the morning so as to not get off kilter...and well, I didn't do the my day was off-kilter!!

The house IS moderately cleaner than it was when I got up this morning, a few loads of laundry WERE dealt with, some food that was bought Friday evening DID finally make it into the pantry, and a book WAS read to my baby boy...but overall I really dropped the ball today. Pretty bad for it only being the third day of the year!! I did at least get a shower and drink my green smoothie (though I had it for dinner instead of breakfast)...and I am finally blogging just before there is that!!

I think I'm gonna post that routine on here to help encourage me to keep it up. There's just something about it being out on the wide web to make me feel a bit more accountable about how I spend my time.

Tomorrow I am gonna take the little dude out to the zoo or museum for a while. It may sound funny, but I actually need the occasional day where I DON'T follow my schedule to give me the boost to actually follow my schedule the rest of the time...and we've just been home too many days in a row lately!! Besides that, I'm gonna try to finish up the decor on little dude's room and post pics of it on my Essential Simplicity well as deal with more laundry. My next project after the little dude's room is subduing the laundry room monster...and it WILL be tamed before the weekend...then on to the big bad master closet!!

So there is my rather lame little post to fulfill my goal of daily blogging!! Tomorrow’s post will hopefully be better!!

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