Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My first blog post…

My first blog post was written just before Christmas of 2005 on my Yahoo 360. I was a missionary in Romania at the time and about to spend my first (and only) Christmas without any family around whatsoever!!

The idea at the time was for me to kind of keep an online journal of all the stuff I was doing and then be able to refer back to it when sending out newsletters to my supporters back in the States.

I don’t know as I would have changed anything about that post looking back at it now…it’s just interesting to see what all has changed in my life and what I blog about now…just over five years later!!

Of course, the really observant of you will notice the dates of my blog posts and think “Hey, wait a minute…the dates on this blog go back all the way to March 2004!!” Well, at one point I went back and posted all my newsletters to my various supporters and back dated them…so that’s what that is about. I have on this blog all the posts I ever posted on Yahoo 360, Xanga, and mine and Brack’s Xanga blog (that got all of two posts on it) as well…all back dated to the date they were originally posted elsewhere. The only posts not included on here are posts on blogs I’ve started on Blogger since 2008…like Essential Simplicity, Fort Worth Mom Reviews, and Different Drum…and you can find links to those on here!!

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