Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Every modern girl needs aprons!! While some may think they could never get used to wearing an apron…they are very handy for multiple reasons…most specifically keeping your clothes from getting dirty or stained.

I realize that I posted this link from the Hillbilly Housewife a few years ago in a Sunday Shoutout, but I like what she has to say about wearing aprons....and here's an LA Times article that comes at the concept of wearing aprons a bit differently, but is also a good read.

So here is some inspiration for every lady out there to wear aprons!! There are some CUTE aprons to be bought and/or made out there!!

Flickr groups: Apron Outfits and Tie One On Apron Projects

Etsy shops: Boojiboo, Sugar Pie Chic and Terrace Hill

Make your own aprons: Scalloped Apron, Frilly Apron, T-shirt Apron, Pleated Apron w/Built-In Hotpads!!

And now for pics of some cool aprons and links to Apronista, Apron Memories, and Angry Chicken's Tie One On!!




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