Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goals--how am I doing so far?

Well, we are halfway through the month and so it’s time to check in on how I’m doing with my goals for the year!! First the stuff I talked about in my January 1st post, then on to the stuff I had in my actual Goals for 2011 post!!

Blogging--Well, I have gotten behind twice on posting to my blogs, but I’m trying to catch up/keep up.

Green Smoothies Health Challenge--I totally fell off the wagon when it comes to smoothies and soups!! I had a smoothie every day for the first week and only about 3-4 times total since then!! The soups, well…I still want to make them but so far I’ve only made up one recipe…a broccoli cheddar soup. It was pretty decent, but I don’t know that I’ll make it again. It just didn’t make me wanna go back for more and I want to add soups I LOVE to my repertoire. I am planning on getting to the store for more greens and fresh fruit and start afresh on Monday with smoothies. So there’s that.

Scheduling—Well, I now have an Android phone, so I can access my Flylady/Cozi app on it and get notifications on my phone when something important is coming up. I have also printed out my own version of Money Saving Mom’s Daily Docket checklist and keep a stack of them on a clipboard and handy. Still trying to get to the point where I can just sweep through the house and have it all spiffy in a flash…but with the clearing out / uncluttering / minimizing of stuff that we are doing it will get easier!!

Organizing—Moving right along with this one!! I’ve cleared out a bunch of kitchen stuff and we are working on simplifying our clothing wardrobes. The BIG thing we are currently working on is setting up our Brack And Julie Sell Their Stuff website…where we are listing all kinds of books, movies, and cds currently. We’ll eventually get other stuff on it as well…as we get pics taken and listings posted.

Different Drum—Not done yet!! Hopefully will get some pics taken this weekend and work on getting stuff listed as I can next week!!

Minimalist SAHM wardrobe—Working on it. Sunday afternoon I am going to be going through more of my clothes and hopefully cutting out the pattern pieces to make a dress. Once I weed out all the clothing I am not keeping, I will really need to push forward on getting replacement pieces…otherwise I will be washing the same couple of outfits over and over again!! :-P

Hooping—I’ve tackled a couple more tricks and gotten them down at least a few times…but of course practice makes perfect and not keeping up with it can make skills rusty…so I’m attempting to pull out my hoop and practice at least every other day.

Health—I am SOOO not doing well on the getting plenty of sleep thing!! As long as my little dude insists on waking up so freakin’ early I really need to make a point of getting to bed earlier!! Staying up late and then getting up early just is not working!! The eating healthy…well, as mentioned above…I am working on it. Getting fresh air and sunshine is kinda hard though these days, as it’s overcast and COLD out…and kinda wet too!!

Relationships…working on that too. Trying to make more time with my husband that isn’t in front of a screen…though that is hard sometimes!! I did go to the zoo with a neighbor and her daughter once on a pretty day, but I hope to really start branching out and having people over for playdates and coffee klatches in the very near future…but I’ve gotta get the rest of the big organizing jobs dealt with first!!

Enjoy every day with my little boy—Yup, been working on that!! He is SUCH a cutie and we have a lot of fun…even if he is getting into the terrible twos just a BIT early!! He still isn’t really talking, but is definitely jabbering a lot more…so he’s getting there. The learning of ABC’s, colors, numbers, and going potty are progressing….but SLOWLY!! He does understand a lot of concepts though, as he love to help out…fetching things, throwing things in the trash, washing up, etc.

So yeah…Some of the stuff isn’t progressing as well as I’d hoped, but I’m pretty much at least TRYING on all of my goals!! Here’s to the next 11.5 months being more of the same or better!!

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Kathleen said...

I like this post, I've been planning to write my update at the end of the month. I've also been trying to have a smoothie each day. I'm not having one everyday yet, but I definitely have one much more often than I did before. Progress. And that's what it's all about!

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