Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Decorated Nursery

So, I had grand plans to have Bug’s nursery all ready for him before he was born and I DID get stuff up on the walls and the furniture put together…but never got curtains, bedskirts, and the like sewn up till this past week…and he will be 18 months old next week!!

Better late than never though, right? I am fairly happy with how it all turned out except for the light blocking curtain. It just looks too plain and blah hanging there and I also think that there are just too many stripes in that corner. So I think I will borrow an idea from OhDeeDoh and make hanging book holders out of the curtain instead…and hang them in the space between Bug’s name and his toy carpet.

So here is Bug’s nursery in all it’s glory!! I love that while it’s cute it isn’t cutesy and can grow with him. I also love that we were able to incorporate some family touches into the room. The silhouettes on the wall above his bed were actually copied from one of me in the second grade and one of my little brother in preschool. I resized and pasted them onto cardstock which was then pasted to scrapbooking paper and framed. Some other family touches: the bedtime prayer plaque between the two silhouettes was mine as a child, the little green music box in with his toys was also mine, the stuffed dog on the far right in the back on the table was my DH’s, and the Buzz and Woody were Bug’s Uncle A’s when he was little.






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