Monday, January 10, 2011

Fantasy Faire

So this year I really wanna go to Fantasy Faire at Middlefaire in Hillsboro. It isn’t too far away and the tickets are fairly cheap. But of course I wanna go in garb…so we shall see what I can come up with on the cheap.

I totally wanna go as Codex, but since Twig’s look is prob a bit more doable with what I have on hand (well, except for the wings), I might go that route.


Brack totally wants to go as Altair or Ezio…which definitely require more work, but if he goes with Altair’s garb, then he’d also be able to wear it to Sherwood Faire…since it’s set around the time of the Crusades as well. If I manage to get his garb done it will definitely be the most work. But though he would like to have garb like Altair or Ezio, he is cool with going in his mundanes as well. He’s not quite as gung-ho as me to “garb up”--to twist a Barney phrase a bit.

1277489447297_f1277489447297_f (1)

Anyway, it obviously all comes down to time and finances…but it would sure be fun!!

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