Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Introduction to Playdoh

I had to go today to get the registration done on the car and get some groceries…so we headed out for a few hours this afternoon. The registration didn’t take long at all and the lady just cooed over Bug. I swear that kid is gonna grow up with a big head, as much as people fuss over him!! He already knows how to work a crowd!!

While we were at Walmart I decided to stop by the toy section to check on a toy kitchen. I figured it was still gonna be out of my comfortable price range, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to check. Well, we didn’t make it home with a kitchen, but since a single container of Playdoh was like 88 cents, I figured it’d be something fun to introduce him to. They really had mostly cheesy colors in the single packs…lots of pink, purple, and teal…but they did have one black, so I grabbed it.

Once back home I didn’t introduce it to him till the “witching hour”…that time just before dinner when he seems to start having a meltdown from hunger and tiredness. I popped him in his little seat at the table, got a tablecloth on the table, and let him have at it with a baby-sized tableknife, a biscuit cutter, and a sewing tool that poked little holes in the Playdoh. He was fascinated, only tried to eat some twice, and all in all had fun and was kept occupied enough for mama to get some stuff done!!


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