Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Funny Cat Escapades

My roommate and I have a couple of kittens. Mine is named Hayley and she was a little bundle of tiger-striped fluff when she was tiny. She is going through an awkward stage right now though as she is growing up...her fur is getting's just not there it kinda sticks out all over!!

Meg's kitten is named Starbucks and she is a white and black spotted cat with very large expressive ears. We actually looked up what she is online and she is what they call a "cow cat"...with maybe some abyssynian characteristics. Her ears let us know if she is mad, embarrassed, happy, etc. It's actually quite funny!! She loves to ride on shoulders, poke her head around the shower curtain when someone is showering, and hide under blankets. Some of these characteristics are common to her breed...but she is rubbing off on Hayley!!

Hayley is a more gentle cat...she loves to sit still and cuddle forever and is always striking a cute pose. Starbucks, on the other hand has a lot more energy and is always trying to rile Hayley up. They have been known to have mad chases through the house and "discussions" as to whose toy who has!!

The two of them have weird food addictions. They LOVE popcorn!! We buy it pre-popped and flavored and we can't even walk through the door with a bag before they are weaving around legs and meowing for some!! Whenever I have young people over they get a big kick out of throwing popcorn kernels down just to see the kittens go nuts!! They also love this instant pudding that Meg and I found at a store over here...last night Meg let Starbucks have at her almost empty mug of pudding and it was so funny cause that little cat kept getting pudding on her face and sneezing...but still kept on eating it!!

These silly little kittens will also beg for or get into any other people food they can get their little paws, mandarine orange slices, sweet bread, regular bread, pasta of any type, chocolate cake, you name it...they love it!! About the only things that we have discovered they don't care for is pickles and olives...and that is only because they already begged for and tasted them and didn't like them!!

They also have some other strange things they love to do. We had a basket in the bathroom, right by the radiator pipes, that we kept extra rolls of toilet paper in...not anymore!! They decided they wanted that basket for their naps and now anytime we forget and leave a roll or two of toilet paper in there....they shred it to pieces!! They also have a weird fixation on Q-tips and twisty ties and would rather fight over and play with them than with the toys we bought them at the pet shop!! Once, Meg forgot to close her Q-tip container in the bathroom and we came home to find about 12-15 Q-tips scattered around the various stages of destruction!!

Anyway...we sure do have some strange kitties...and now you know just HOW weird!! And now, of course, I sound like a total old maid...talking about her cats!! Oh, well...I get my entertainment where I can!!

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