Saturday, February 4, 2006

Big Blog Entry!!

Okay, so I haven't really posted much substance on here yet....I didn't have "chef" to bother with all of that until now. BTW..."chef" is Romanian for "the want to." It's been a week!! I didn't have my regular English class with the gas company people this week and my other class doesn't start till next Tuesday, I did not have a youth night on Friday, and I didn't go to Petelea on why in the world was it such a crazy week...this I cannot figure out!! I really only had two responsibilities....teaching Steven's English class twice (since he STILL hasn't arrived and we are already going into the fifth week of classes) and going to Zau this morning!!

I really think it must have something to do with the fact that since getting internet at home...and especially since getting the bright idea to really start blogging.....I really haven't gone to bed at a decent least till last night...when I was actually in bed with the light out and classical music on by 11:15!!

Now you may say that I really have not done much blogging even so...which is true. However, I felt this crazy need to check out several sites before choosing which ones to start blogging on.....and wanting to totally explore the available options is a major time-waster!! However, I think I have resolved how to do this blogging business now.

My Yahoo 360 site will be my "official" site....the one that will have all my newsletters and pictures posted...the one that I give out to friends, family, church family, and random relatives and strangers who wanna know what I am up to over here in Romania.

My Xanga site will basically be my online journal...the one with all the "word-vomit" that spills out of my mouth and onto the net!! Here I will be myself...without worrying that someone somewhere at some super-legalistic church will think that I am unspiritual...because, after all, missionaries are supposed to be super-hero type people who pray literally without ceasing, fast 3 days a week, get by on 4 hours of sleep a night (hey, wait a minute...I actually do that!), heal the sick, raise the dead, never think ill of anyone, lead 100 people a week to the Lord....all without breaking a sweat...and of course, being a girl...doing it all in a floor length skirt!!

Then, I decided, based on comments by many of my messenger buddies....who told me it wasn't fair that they couldn't understand my blog cause it was in English...I will actually attempt to start a bi-lingual blog for all my Romanian and Spanish speaking friends. Yup, you heard me English at all on that one!! This will be more of a challenge and I probably won't have time to start that one till I get through this next week!! My Spanish is rusty as I really only use it for talking to my bro-in-law and my sis-in-law mostly. I will probably have to use one of those hilarious free translations sites...and then make corrections to the translations!!

But before I do any more on my Yahoo site or my bi-lingual one...which will probably be on my Blogger account...I have to get through this next week!!

I will not only have my gas company class this next week, but will be starting another class of my own, will STILL be teaching Steven's class, will be going to both Petelea on Monday and Zau on Saturday, and will be tutoring one of STEVEN'S students who is behind and wants to catch up with the class!! This is not counting Sunday with church, of the Sunday afternoon lunch with the other single missionary girls that has become a, most likely, the Sunday night hanging out at McD's or a coffee shop with Romanian friends from church!!

And the weather is acting like it's gonna get worse before it gets better...I swear I am freezing my tushie off!! For a girl from Texas....this is freakin' cold!! I thought I was gonna die last summer when I was living on the top floor of my apartment building on the sunny side and with not even a fan...the heat was a killer!! However, after several months of huddling under blankets to keep warm...even in my apartment...I am really beginning to miss the warmer weather!!

Anyway...current prayer requests...Just pray I make it through the week without too many problems and that I can be a good testimony to all around me..especially my new class who I will be meeting for the first time on Tuesday morning at 7:30 am!! Also, pray that I can keep to a decent schedule so that I will actually be able to get up in the mornings and get to my class early enough to be prepared when my students show up!! that it is almost 1am and I have to be up no later than 8am to get ready for church tomorrow...and now that I have another doozy of a long blog ready to post...I will close this out!!

God bless and keep on's contagious!!

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