Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snow, Snow--GO AWAY!!

Okay, winter was fun...for the most part...for the Christmas and New Year and winter camp part...and even for January....but it is now halfway through February and...IT'S STILL SNOWING!!

I went outside this morning and I swear we got at least an inch just since yesterday!! What's up with that? It's SO bitterly cold when you have to be out in it for more than a couple minutes. Plus I have to wear my ugly, warm winter boots if I wanna keep both my toes toasty and my butt safe...since otherwise I'd be slip-sliding all over the sidewalks!! I can't wait for warm weather....shorts and flip-flops...oh yeah!! It's been so long of a winter for this Texas girl that it seems a lifetime since I have worn my flip-flops for anything other than going from the shower to my room!!

Come on, Spring...hurry up and get here!! I'm getting impatient!!

Currently Listening To: Survivor by Destiny's Child (I will survive winter!!)

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