Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Single Awareness Day

First off...I know I am a lousy let's just move on past that!! How many people out there in the wide world just got done celebrating that evil holiday of Valentine's Day? I personally prefer to call it (at least till I am head over heels and sappy in love) Single Awareness Day!!

I didn't do a whole lot on the 14th--got up, took some clothes over to Sharla and Norma's for washing, went to the school and taught my English class, came home and took a nap, and then went to the youth meeting at church. It was cool cause even though the fact that Valentine's Day was was't the emphasis at the youth night.

Right now, I am laying on my very uncomfortably lumpy couch and am half asleep with my kitten sound asleep on my leg. I lay here with my headphones on, listening to my easy listening list on Media Player...which is mostly love songs...and I wonder when I will truly be able to relate to the sentiments expressed in these songs!!

I am sooooo anxious to have winter be over and done with!! If I don't have a special someone to cuddle with and if I'm stuck in my freezing cold apartment until the end of March anyway...then I'd rather it be warmer outside--with the sun shining, no less!!

Okay, now I am noticing that this entry is getting a bit TOO I'm gonna close this one out and get some much needed sleep!! YAY!! SLEEP!!

Yours till Niagara Falls,

Currently Listening To: Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson

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