Friday, February 3, 2006

My Xanga Blog I am...starting another blog on another blog site!! I wanted to try several sites out and see which one worked out the best for me...for what I wanted to include on my site for all my friends and fam to anyone else who is curious to see what I'm up to!! What I am thinking that I will do is keep my Yahoo 360 site as my "normal" page...and use my Xanga site for "spilling my guts"!! So....let's see how this works out!!

I have now been in Romania as a missionary for almost eight months...where has the time gone? I kept pretty busy last summer with working at Kiwi House and working at a couple day camps with Livada Orphan Care. I also went to a couple of away camps during the summer (at Lunca Bradului and Roica) and one away camp this winter (at Vlahita)...lots of fun!! I kept working at Kiwi House regularly until the beginning of January...when I started teaching English classes at another foundation. I have also been working since the fall with Livada...going every week to two different homes for orphans (Zau and Petelea) to do programs with them....such an adventure!! here goes the various ramblings of a single missionary girl!! God Bless!!


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