Friday, January 27, 2006

What Happened?

I really wanna know where January disappeared seems like it was New Years just days ago!! This month just FLEW!! Here are some of the things that have happened this month:

*I don't work at Kiwi House anymore. The powers that be decided to go with a strictly salaried staff from here on more volunteers. So I haven't been working there since the beginning of January. Even though I don't miss the diaper changing and such....I really do miss the babies!!

*I am an English teacher!! Who woulda thunk it? I am SO not teacher's one thing teaching a Sunday School class once a week, or doing a few weeks of camp counselor...but I have never seen myself as the teacher type...especially not to adults!! I started the very next week after my last day at Kiwi to teach at another foundation. Right now I teach one class of over--50's from the gas company...Intro English!! Starting in February I will have one more Intro class (which the biggest challenge for that will be getting up in the wee hours of the starts at 7:30am)!! This last week I subbed for another teacher who hasn't arrived yet, and may have to sub again next week...hopefully that teacher will arrive soon!!

*We FINALLY have internet at the apartment!! Yup, we have now had internet in the apartment for about two weeks!! It took them long enough to get around to installing it...almost three months!! But now it's up and running. We still haven't managed to figure out how to set up the wireless, so we have cables criss-crossing the living-room floor to our laptops....but hey, it's cool anyway...we have internet!!

*I am still going to Petelea on Mondays and to Zau on Saturdays...except when things happen to upset our schedule....such as our van being in the we aren't going to Zau tomorrow...thus the late night!!

*I worked up an invite to the Friday Fellowships at my apartment on Publisher this past week. I'm gonna print out an original copy and then make copies off of it soon, cause they will start being a weekly thing this coming week.

*I dyed my hair a couple weeks looked cool, but it was just my hair is almost back to normal...just in time to dye it bright red for Valentine's Day...just kidding!!

Speaking of Valentine's Day...let's just forget about that this year, okay? I will be thirty this year and with one solitary exception have never had a special Valentine, so I'd rather forget that particular holiday. So this will be the one and only time that I will refer to it this year, okay? For those of you who have valentines....congrats and have fun...but let's not make too much of this holiday, okay?

Okay, on to more interesting stuff. I really am hoping to make a regular thing of blogging...AND I love to take pictures and can take them easier now that I have a digital I am trying out quite a few different places for friend networks, blogging, and posting photos. So far I have these places listing me on their site lists...Yahoo 360, Tickle, Ringo, Hi5, Friendster, Bebo, MSN Spaces, MySpace, Angelfire, Xanga, and Blogger. Anyone who knows anything about these sites who can help me figure out who offers the best layout for content, your help would be appreciated!! I wanna try to get all my blogging and pics on just one site or two...but we'll see!!

Anyway....even though I don't have to get up so stinkin' early tomorrow...I still need to clean the apartment and get some clothes over to a friend's house in the AM to get them washed, and it is already almost 5:30am!! Whoa!! I need my bed now, people!! So I'm gonna close this out now... take care one and all!!

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