Saturday, January 21, 2006

November 2005--January 2006 Newsletter


Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings from the very cold country of Romania!! It has snowed several times in the last three months and we actually had a white Christmas…which everyone was very happy about. After the New Year the snow melted and it was just bitterly cold for a while, but it snowed again a few days ago and it looks so nice to see the dusting of snow on the eaves of houses and tops of cars!!

During the last two months of 2005 I kept very busy with work at Kiwi House. The babies at Kiwi House are doing very well and growing daily…we are hoping that adoptive families are found very soon for these precious little ones. The Kiwi house administrators are already prayerfully searching for new babies to add to the Kiwi House family as homes are found for the precious toddlers there now. However, due to some restructuring of the workers at Kiwi House, they will no longer be using volunteers, so I had to find somewhere else I was needed.

The timing could not have been any more perfect for moving on to another ministry!! I was told on a Thursday that Kiwi House did not need me anymore and that very same day was approached about working with another foundation that uses teaching English as a door to witnessing. Their classes were starting the very next week on Monday!! So now I am a beginning English teacher to one class of five students (who are all almost twice my age) and will be starting with another class in early February. In addition to the teaching I will be doing with this foundation, I have also been approached separately by several young people asking if I would tutor them in English. Please keep me in your prayers about this, as I have never been in a teaching situation other than with small children or at summer camp!!

I am still working with Livada Orphan Care in their follow-up program. On Mondays I go to a small state-run group home in the town of Petelea to do a program there. There are eight boys at this group home and we have a lot of fun teaching these rambunctious boys all about God, manners, and life in general. On Saturday mornings I have been going to the town of Zau to a girls orphanage there. This is a larger home with around 60 little girls, ranging in age from five to eighteen. They are a great bunch of girls to work with….very affectionate and sweet. They just get so excited when we pull up in the van and we are immediately swarmed with girls who hang onto us constantly until time for us to leave!!

Christmas was an interesting experience for me as this was the first time I have spent Christmas completely without any family around. Even when I was in college and the majority of my family was in Peru, I at least was able to spend Christmas with my Grandma Seale, my aunt Joyce, and a brother or two. I would have to say that this past Christmas was unlike any other Christmas I have ever experienced…at home or on the field. My roommate was gone for the week, I had no oven for cooking up Christmas goodies, I was cat-sitting for both my roommate and another friend, and I went caroling for two nights in a row….arriving home at 5am both nights!!

On the 31st of December, I headed out to the mountains with a large group of young people for a winter camp. This was a great time of fun and fellowship. We were able to go sledding, have snowball fights, participate in some awesome praise and worship, discover our spiritual gifts, and hear great messages about serving the Lord in the new year.

I have continued with the twice monthly youth nights at my apartment…a chance for the young people to meet for fun and fellowship. This will become a weekly thing in the spring, once my roommate heads back to the States. I am also meeting with others in a home group once a week for Bible study and prayer. Please pray that the Lord will be with and lead in all of these ministries in the coming year.

I just want to thank all of you for both your prayers and financial support!! God bless you all!!

All for Him,
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