Monday, April 13, 2009

It's a BOY!!

If you are a friend on Facebook or a member of Crossings or are an immediate family member, then you already know this...but for the rest of you...yes, our little Baby Bean is a boy. Edmund Robert is set to make his appearance towards the end of July, but he's already making his presence known by kicking the fire out of his mama!!


I am at 26+ weeks now and FINALLY have the nursery cleared out (as of today) of the rest of the things that needed sorting thru from our move!! Granted, there are still several large paper bags of odds and ends for Brack to deal with and a couple piles of odds and ends on the guest bed for me to deal with...but for the most part I'm finally finished.

I know I say this almost every time I post after a long break, but I really and truly am gonna try to keep up with my blogging on a more consistent basis...even if that is only once a week. Truthfully, when summer comes and I'm not nannying anymore...I really won't have an excuse for not blogging!!

Well, it's getting late, I'm sleepy, and my psycho cat is attacking shadows on the I will close this out. But don't anyone have a heart attack if I surprise you and blog again in a couple days!!

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Stephanie (Clayton) Breznau said...

Can't wait to meet little Edmund!

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