Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Well, it's been several months since my last post, and if you recall I was planning on really getting going with this blog. I had a lot of ideas for posts with themed days and everything!! So much for that, aye?!!

What actually ended up happening is this... My husband and I both got second jobs for a few months to try and knock out the last of our credit card debt...and that really kept us rather busy!! Then we found out in November that a little munchkin was on the I quit the second job right before Thanksgiving and ended up spending most of December on the couch dealing with morning sickness!! By the time the morning sickness was mostly gone I had to deal with a lot of nasty sinus issues, besides trying to get the apartment into a tip-top organized state so as to make our move a lot easier.

Yes, we moved!! From a 714 square foot apartment into a 1604 square foot house that seems quite huge!! Though I never really saw myself as being a suburban wife and mother, I guess I will be now, as we are planning on this being the house that our children are raised in!! Fortunately, our little suburb is still fairly close to stores so I can either drive with a minimum of gas, or if I can talk my husband into it we may be able to get a Christiana-type bicycle for hauling kiddoes and groceries around!! The suburb we are in is never gonna get too big...and we have a pond right behind our back yard!!

One really nice thing about the move is that it's a LOT easier to be organized since we have more cabinets and space to organize it in (no more propping the bed up on concrete blocks to create space under it for plastic storage tubs)!! The tub of Christmas stuff and the tree went into our little attic space and the shelves that were in our apartment storage room are now in the garage to hold the few tubs of things that we need to be able to get to more readily and for any bulk grocery purchases. We also have room for a small chest freezer so I can buy things on sale and freeze them...but we'll have to wait on that for a while.

In our kitchen, everything has a space and we'll even have empty cabinets for a while...which I'm sure will eventually get used for bigger pots and pans (when I start cooking for more than two people) and for art paper and other crafty stuff for kiddoes to do at the kitchen table!! We decided to put our bookshelves in a corner of our bedroom with a comfy seat to make a reading nook...which looks pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!!

We will fix one of the bedrooms up as a nursery very soon (once the last of our stuff gets unpacked out of there) and the other bedroom is going to be our guest bedroom/crafting room. I will work on my sewing projects in there whenever company is not staying with us. Pictures of everything will be forthcoming!!

Now that I've gotten everyone up to speed on what's been going on in my absence from blogging, I can get back to regular blogging on all sorts of interesting topics such as homemade household cleaners, freebies and giveaways to make your $$ stretch, organizing projects, and other ways to simplify and organize your well as passing on some favorite links to other blogs and websites!!

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