Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's been a LONG time!!! was the beginning of September the last time I blogged here...eesh!! A LOT has happened since then!! Let's see if I can summarize things into topics.

Babies-- Josh and Kym just had their sixth baby (a little boy named Eli) on March 2nd, Steve and Syrena are expecting their first baby (a boy) in April, and David and Danielle are expecting their third baby (a boy) in May. In our Sunday School class between October and November there were five babies born...a little boy to the Brewers, a little girl to the Pitts, a little boy to the Carpenters, and one of each to the Treats!! WOW!! Kevin and Bethany welcomed their little boy into the world in December...and I know there were several other babies born to my MWF friends in recent months as well!! So is that all the baby news? Well, not quite!! Baby St. Clair is set to make his/her appearance on July 19th!! Yep, Brack's gonna be a daddy!!

Houses--Well, I know Todd and Leah moved houses several months ago, Kevin and Bethany moved into a house from their apartment in December, and Katy~* and Marks moved into a new house in February...but we have also moved!! After spending almost 2 1/2 years of married life in apartments, we moved on Valentine's Day into our new home!! It's sure been a lot of fun moving from 714 square feet to 1604 square feet!! We are almost settled in (except for the baby room...which we are currently using as an unpacking room) and pictures will be forthcoming!!

Work--Brack and I both picked up second jobs for a while from around the end of September. I worked at Panera several mornings a week and on the weekends until the day before Thanksgiving. Brack worked at Walmart several nights a week and on the weekends until the day before Christmas Eve. We really were working hard on getting the credit cards paid off before adding a mortgage to our budget...and it sure paid off!! The last card is very close to paid off it was worth the extra work and tiredness for a while!! Now we are back to just one job each and are really enjoying having our weekends and evenings free again!!

Holidays & Guests--We spent Thanksgiving with my family and it was nice (though I was in the middle of dealing with morning sickness). Christmas was spent in Lubbock with the whole St. Clair bunch and was a lot of fun. After New Years we were able to go out to eat at a Romanian restaurant with Steve and Syrena and visit with them some and then go to a family get-together with all of my mom's extended family that evening...which though I was starting to have a bad time of it with my sinuses was still pretty nice. John and Dayana stayed over for the night after the get-together (with little Luke), so I was glad to spend a little time with them as well. My sister Susanna spent a week with us since the move and was a BIG help with getting the last odds and ends moved, the apartment cleaned out, and the garage painted!! I loved having her around...she's so sweet!! We had our first non-family guests last weekend when David and Danielle came with their kiddoes for a short visit. We had a great time and I'm really enjoying the fact that the extra space will make it so much easier to have people over!!

Random factoids-- After homeschooling his whole life, my little brother Andrew is now going to a Christian school!! He seems to like it and is already playing football and basketball!! He sure has grown up fast!! My little sis Rebekah isn't so little anymore, I guess!! She is engaged to be married!! They are planning for a June wedding soon after she finishes her high school work. I can't believe my littlest baby sis is actually ready for such a big step...I still think of her as my little "Monkey"!!

Well, I think that pretty much brings us up to date on everything!! I will try to be more consistent from here on out with this blog...should be easier once we have internet at home again...which is supposed to happen early next week!!

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