Friday, April 17, 2009

A Room To Be Proud Of

We have been in our house for two months now and have gotten almost everything organized...with the exception of three paper sacks for my husband to sort thru, a couple plastic tubs of papers for me to sort, and a few random odds and ends. The house is neat and clean but it isn't to the point that we would love to see it in eventually.

Eventually we would love to replace all the carpeting and linoleum in the house with wood or laminate flooring in the bedrooms and study...and 18 inch tile thru the rest of the house. We'd also love to plaster the walls in the main living area, enclose our patio, build an outdoor kitchen/dining area, and redesign the master bath and closet to suit us better. But all that can and will wait...I'm sure it'll get done sometime in the next five years or so, but there's no rush!! The more important stuff is getting ready for our little one...and just having the furniture and decorative stuff to fill up empty space and walls!!

However, we do have one room that we are particularly proud of...the master bedroom!! Yes, there are still a couple things I'd like to have in a comfy chair in one corner and a ficus or something in another corner...but all in all, it is a room to be proud of and a comfy haven of rest from the big hectic world!!

We decided not to put our bookshelves in our small study, but rather to wrap them around a corner in our large bedroom. My husband even worked it out to install a small stereo into the shelves. We chose a low-profile bed frame from IKEA that has a deep headboard with cabinets that slide out on each side to hide away the little odds and ends. Our paintings are the only truly "fussy" additions to the room, but with everything else being so simple and really doesn't feel overdone at all. All in all...a room to be proud of!!

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Kelly said...

Oooo...awwww... I really like it. I wish our "master" bedroom was bigger so we could spread things out more. Anyway, very nice. You did a good job, Julie (and I just love your bookshelves). :)

Christy said...

love the book shelves!!

Syrena said...

I think Stephen and I are the 'anti-minimalists'. Stuff EVERYWHERE... o_O

Shop with Me Mama said...

Oh wow! I LOVE that room! Great job Mama!

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