Friday, June 22, 2007

Thank God for weekends!!

Well, I have survived the first week of work!! I filled in one last time on Monday at Brack's office, then started training on Tuesday and finished up yesterday. Today I arrived just after find that neither of my bosses had arrived yet..and they didn't show up for another 30-something minutes. Ahh, gave me time to get a few things set up around my office.

After they showed up we discovered that somehow the internet and outlook weren't working on my computer. While we were waiting for the tech guy to show up, I tried to clean up the outlook box from all the junk that the previous recruiter had left behind...and I think there MAY be a virus on there that replicates emails in the deleted folder, cause the more I tried to delete, the more there was to delete!! Anyway, I finally had outlook and internet all up and running and had everything all organized just so by 2pm or so...

I actually made a couple of phone calls today...left one message and talked to one nurse who I emailed an application to after we got off the phone...fingers crossed that she will actually apply and I will have my first commission. HA!! If it actually did happen that easy, it'd be total beginners luck!!

Anyway, now I have two weeks to work on getting up to speed with selling nurses on our company before my one boss gets back from vacation (and the other boss isn't as pushy about making calls...she just expects you to do it). So...I just gotta push myself these next two weeks till the one boss gets back and by then it'll all be old hat and no big deal!!

Other than that, everything is going great...both Brack and I are tired from the long week and definately looking forward to chillaxing this weekend!! Movies, leftover mexican and leftover pizza, and just lazing around all weekend...YAY!! And with that...I'm off to relax!!

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