Monday, July 23, 2007

Yeah...I quit...

So the nurse recruiter job was just not my thing. It was getting me all stressed out and I just wasn't that good at I quit last Thursday. Now I'm at home...catching up on all the stuff I'd gotten behind on while working 40 hours a week!! I've got the music jamming on the compy and a chat room it's all good!! I have let the staffing place I had been working with before know I'm open to interviewing whenever they can line interviews up for receptionist that is something that I can do well that also pays decently well...and I can do that all the way up till we decide to start a which time I'll stay home and be a mommy!!

We just spent the weekend up in Lubbock with all of Brack's family. His brother Josh was down with his wife and 5 children from Colorado and his sis Jana was there as well with her three children. With the two of us, Brack's parents, grandmother, and youngest was quite the crowd!! It was nice to actually be called "Aunt Julie" the kiddoes on my side of the fam aren't talking much yet!! We went to a museum with the whole crowd on Saturday and had a lot of fun while in Lubbock...but it was nice to get back yesterday to our own home, sweet home!!

Anyway...the deep cleaning and organizing is calling to me...maybe I can actually get the house dusted, vacuumed, and mopped thoroughly for a change...and the bathroom awaits its sparkles too!! I WILL try to be more consistent with my blog....but patience with me is required!!

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